Reviews for Stellar Scholar
MethodlessMadness chapter 1 . 5/12/2014
"lovable relentless underdog"

Good, very good. I do like this, especially the addition of the line "student with special needs" and the phrase "of mine" in the third line...makes me kind of think of a mother talking to her child. Like a mother who's been told that her child is severely autistic, will never be able to talk or react like the other kids, and yet she's seen him at the age of three reading and comprehending Dickens...

Darnit, I'm thinking of Takeshi Itou again.
What. Why.

Anywho, this is pretty good...I've seen a bunch of your other poems around, this is the first I've read though...and I like your style. Good word choice. However, I don't think it's TOTALLY necessary to say "this poem is about such and such" in every summary, I think it's obvious that it is a poem (as it is in the poetry section) and that what is in the summary is what said poem will be about. ;)