Reviews for Musical! The Musical
Kayla2175 chapter 1 . 6/25/2014
That was hilarious! From my musical experience, this is almost spot on. We had to bribe a cast member with food to get him to learn his lines! I thought that you maybe could have added more to the introduction of characters but, other than that, this was awesome!
Nothing Really Specific chapter 1 . 6/10/2014
Amusing, comical and very reminiscent of Woody Allen's "God". Characters are great, dialogue is great and I would love to see the songs. My own advice would be to expand a bit more. You can add more characters such as "The Cliches" (the pretty boy, the damsel in distress, etc.) My favorite line was "Curse you fairytale cliches!" I could see the character clutching his fist and raising in a bit, that or getting on his knees and screaming to the sky. The Macbeth thing was brilliant. "Macbeth" is my favorite Shakespearean play and I loved the Bad Narrator, especially toward the end. Overall, this was brilliant. I have a story that I think would be great for a musical but I'm not sure how to add the songs in. "Paris" if you interested. Anyway, don't want to steal your thunder. You did a great job here and I look forward to more! :-)