Reviews for A Stagnation of Love (rewrite)
WestleyDans chapter 63 . 1/4/2017
Good chapter! I wonder if Frey will gain any more friends. That might be a lost cause at school, but maybe out of town or other people in the same condition as he in Nausten, perhaps?
Guest chapter 63 . 12/18/2016
Ok I just wrote a really long text to say how much I like your story and your characters, but I erased it somehow... So I'm just going to say that your story is amazing and one of my favorite. I still enjoy the long chapters and all. Keep going. Can't wait to see more
Lavi chapter 63 . 12/18/2016
Really strong chapter. I liked the part when Frey stood up for himself in both workplaces. It's true that being aggressive is not always a good thing, but I am still happy to see him defending himself. He even made an attempt to give a fight to his father. Unfortunatly, his father is still the stronger between them, not only physically.
About his job - I must say that it's completely weird for me to read about such clear homophobia, especially between grownups towards a teenager (with kids its usually just another way to bully). I've never seen anyone getting such treatment just for being gay. I've seen discomfort, mostly, but hostility is something that I believed belonged in the sixties. I mean, I work in a factory in the country (though out of the US) and I tried to imagin something like that happening and... Couldn't. It's nobody's business who one of the guys is dating, who cares?
Frey was convinced that his father is abusing him sexually because Frey recembles his mother, maybe that was the beginning, but it's clearly not how it is at this point of the story. His father is just jealous and abssessive and controlling, but jealous above all, I mean, wut. Does he actually intend to keep Frey in the house with him for the rest of his life?!
Sockby chapter 63 . 12/15/2016
Ah, a wonderful chapter again! I follow you on Twitter, so I know how long it takes to edit. Roughly a few days. I'm actually working to become an editor, so if it would be any help to you, I can edit the chapters for you so you don't have to stress about it. (:
FamishedNight chapter 62 . 11/11/2016
Awesome Chapter! Love the story. It has alot of emotion. Beautifully written. Can't wait till the next chapter!
WestleyDans chapter 62 . 10/25/2016
I seriously need te kind of motivation that you have to write 160 pages of this. ;) Tell me, what is your drive? Or is that a secret?
Keep up the good work!
Lavi1443 chapter 62 . 10/20/2016
Wow that chapter was huge! You're such a devoted writer if you actually work so hard on a single chapter... And you really do that every time, but this one was exeptional, and I guess you agree.
I can't help but be frustrated with Frey. It's so maddening that he's not able to see the good in himself alongside the lesser good. It's as if he's stuck on one extreme each time, he's either loved and feel beautiful because of Josh- or he feels like totall trash.
Storm Cycle chapter 62 . 10/19/2016
I just noticed this, and it's just my opinion, but sometimes it seems like you explain Frey's thoughts too much. I think if you cut some of it the story wouldn't be quite so long (not there's anything wrong with that). Some of it is quite unnecessary. Maybe more show and a bit less tell?
Naoki510 chapter 62 . 10/19/2016
Yeah! A other reaaaaallly long chapter! Amazing chapter like always. Are we gonna see Brian again? Probably right... Anyway, I can't wait to see more. I like your story so much I did a little dance of joy when I saw that you updated. XD
Sockby AKA 1FAN chapter 62 . 10/18/2016
Sorry, I guess I'm kind of following you on every format haha I just love your story and your writing so much. You're super inspiring and I almost died when I saw that you uploaded the chapter. My heart literally stopped (or at least skipped some beats) and I thought, "this is it, the lord has come to take me away." You nearly killed me lol every time you update, it's just the happiest moment in my life. Seriously, you're an amazing writer. This story is worth waiting for, definitely. It's one of those stories that, even if it takes a year to update, will still have that significant importance very similar to a story that updates every day. The only difference is that with a story that updates every day, sometimes you get bored after getting into a routine. I like how you actually take your time and don't throw sh*t into the mix just to get a chapter out on time. With you, it's like there's no specific time for updates, it's just when you're ready and I honestly feel like that connects the reader to the story more than if an author were to set a specific time for updating every week. I know, I'm writing a heck of a lot, but this story deserves so much attention!

But like I was saying, the fact that you spend so much time into your chapters individually is just amazing, and the outcome is better than I could have ever predicted. You always surprise me with the content of the next chapter, and it's NEVER boring. I find this story extremely well done, and very luring to the reader.

Also I just noticed how I somehow expanded my vocabulary in the middle of this review. Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter as always, and take your time lovely! (:
YO NUMBO ONE FAN chapter 61 . 8/20/2016
I absolutely love this story. I really do. I've been reading since chapter 30. I check every day for updates, and I reread the story at least once a week. It's just so damn good. I love how you balance the conflict with some type of temporary resolve, but keep the plot going. This is most definitely my favourite story I've ever read on this site. I've never been so attached to a story before. If this ever gets taken down, I will actually cry and sob. I'm a huge reader so I love reading stories like this. AND THE BEGINNING IS PERFECT, MY DEAR! You mustn't change a thing, love! It's a wonderful story and I'll wait until the end of time just for another chapter from you. (:
Guest chapter 61 . 8/6/2016
I'm so glad you still continue this story. It's so well written and beautiful and I just can't wait till the end where frey and Josh can finally be happy together. Frey is finally coming around and opening up and it's so beautiful. Keep up the awesome work!
Naoki510 chapter 61 . 7/29/2016
I'm gonna say the same thing over and over again, but I love your story. Frey is such an amazing character. I don't know why, but I really like Justin too. He is so calm and I think he is one of my favorite character in the hole story. Strange right!? Anyway, I hope to see him more in the next chapters. I can't wait to see someone stop Frey's father from hurting him. And like I said before, the beginning was slow, but I understand how difficult it was. I'm just happy that I didn't stop because of it. Can't wait to see more. You have a lot of talent. I also really really really like the fact that your chapter are soooooo long. :)
Lavi chapter 61 . 7/29/2016
Josh and Frey are just so cute together *cries* it should be illegal how warm they make me feel (in the summer, mind you)
Nathan is such a complicated chatacter. I kind of relate with Frey about the part where he hates and love his father at the same time, I had this hate-but-have-no-choice-but-to-love relationship with my father as well. Its hard to realise that you are connected unconditionally to someone you loathe and hold no reapect for, all the more if that someone is a negative part of your life.
I still can't completely hate Nathan, sure I'm angry with him and disgusted by him but I still can't truly hate him as a person. I feel that the choices he makes are partly choices that were made for him when he himself was younger, as a teenager.
He's still to blame for all the shit he does, of course.
Whenever I have to wait long for the new update I know that you are making an effort to write and you spend some time planning amd writing the next part, so personally I don't mind the wait.
BTW about harsh feedback- you should probably think about how can you improve your writing after you recieve one, but don't cease writing completely. I've got some comments on a story of mine that made me feel awful, but I understood the reason behind the comment and tried to improve, actually I'm still working on it.
Lavi chapter 60 . 7/25/2016
OMG double update! And a long one at that!
I missed Frey and Josh so much, the only reason I hadn't nagged was because I knew how dedicated you are to the story, and that unlike other authors that simply forget to write and post, you actually take your time working xD
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