Reviews for The Subway
the greatest 14 year old opera singer since magic shell was invented chapter 1 . 7/25/2001
i liked this. it expressed quite vividly, the modern surrealistic new york city subway...well, okay, not really, it was written very well though. i still can't see Mike saying/doing anything that he did/said, but I guess that in order to feel that way, i'd have to know him better. as for shannon, I don't know her. your subway experience was not unlike the subways in Italy. there was this old guy playing the fiddle, and all these gypsies with small children, begging for money. it made me sad. this one lady had a german sheppard with a basket tied to his collar, and it just made me so sad. okay, well i guess i should be reviewing your story. I liked it muchly.
Jade Mystique chapter 1 . 6/24/2001
that sounds like fun, I really liked all the people in the story and the way you made such simple pleasures sound like the best thing in the world. a bit wierd for me to be reading about a holiday-type story in the middle of summer but *shrug* what can ya do :)