Reviews for A Convergence of Luck
Auset's Tears chapter 2 . 6/21/2014
Enjoyable plot, good characters. I can feel the Irish accent coming through at times, and I've a feeling you've a bit of a sense of that culture. I'm certainly interested to keep on reading. I would recommend one thing, tho, that you go back and make absolutely sure to exclude any modern expressions, like "Ok" or anything else. For an example of the language at this time in a fiction story (which I'm sure you've researched, but more work cannot do any harm), you can read The Pirate Queen. I like the fast pace of the plot, too. We're right into the action, right away. I'm very interested in Money, too. It's not common to find women in such positions. More likely, a girl who finds herself without family and means in that time will be forced to prostitute, if she cannot find suitable employment as a ladies' maid, or other *gender specific* work. Life was quite rigid then, and Ireland was pretty stern about women's roles. So it is exciting to see a woman holding her own in a gang of thieves, and I'd like to see how her character develops. An enjoyable read.