Reviews for A Father's Love
Topaz Colite chapter 1 . 5/3
You managed to warm up my heart. Good job.
Overall, the entire story seems realistic (despite the characters being anthros) and the interaction between the two characters works. The general theme of how life is dealt applies well here and I would like to say this is inspirational.
alltheeagles chapter 1 . 9/1/2014
RG Depth Review

I think the exchanges between father and son are very natural-sounding. Their speech fits their ages and roles, and also successfully conveys the relevant feelings. I also like that it wasn’t too cheesy or cliched.
I like the descriptions that you have, particularly of the characters’ appearance. You don’t go OTT with the fur markings and creature aspetcs, yet you clearly show that the characters are not human with their muzzles and paws etc. It’s also cool how you use these characteristics to show their emotions in a novel way eg the position of ears and tails to show sadness.
I assume that the characters may be furry and have tails, but they must have human-like hands and feet, because otherwise how would they handle cars and so on? So I’m a little unsure about them having paws... Apart from that, this is decidedly more slice of life than action adventure, but it is nevertheless a warm account of a father and son reconnecting that is very human no matter now unhumanlike the appearance of the characters.
The closing was a tad too melodramatic for me, with all the philosophy. I think the connection between the ‘value of life’ sentiment and a messy divorce isn’t very clear. I guess probably if we knew the characters ‘personally’, the ending would have more of an impact on us.
Hedonistic Opportunist chapter 1 . 7/25/2014
I like this :D The emotion is genuine, and I could tell just how much affection the narrator felt for his son. I know some might think it's cheesy or generic, but I personally liked it, especially towards the end when he watched his son sleep. It was non-creepy, and you just feel the pride he felt for his boy. I also liked how you addressed the issues of divorce: the son's reactions were realistic, and I felt that the disappointment the narrator felt over the marriage falling apart was evident too. I thought it was interesting that you focused on the mother - usually it's always the father. I liked that it, actually, because the role reversal shows that women can screw up too, big time. I liked the tone of the piece too: it's gentle, but also a bit wistful, like a sort of after reflection. It still conveys hope though, which makes it uplifting. .
Dragoliched chapter 1 . 6/22/2014
That was touching. I have to tell my close friends about this story.
Novellagirl chapter 1 . 6/22/2014
that was really nice!