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Guest chapter 225 . 5/23/2015
Amazing...get a
alltheeagles chapter 154 . 4/23/2015
Sudden question: what happened to Iky? Didn’t he come over with them? I feel I must keep an eye on him because he’s shifty.
So after all the focus on Mare’s actions and the new ability he gained in Kosmalas (I suppose that means he doesn’t need his sword Whatzisname anymore and so needn’t be under its thumb, unless Whatzisname is actually himself ie his split personality in which case I’ll just wait for it to pop up again after what happened with Beramute’s ‘splitting’ remark at the end of the last arc) here we are analysing his personality again. I found that boring, frankly, having no interest whatsoever in understanding what makes Mare tick.
And I’m going to repeat my question again for the umpteenth time: WHY is Garren considered a tyrant if he just wants to maintain peace in the land?
Language: she PROVED to be very aggressive
alltheeagles chapter 153 . 4/23/2015
Abatu is so zen and meta about his demonic nature – I liked that!
Language: not sure what you mean by ‘demure’ – I understand it as an adjective meaning ‘shy and modest’. Hardly words I’d use to describe a demon’s nature...
I’ve not really paid much attention to Fear before, but here I’d like to ask which camp and species he falls under, cause he isn’t listed in your glossary. Or is he actually somebody else in disguise (the man in the fur coat maybe)? On the same topic, I thought the category ‘fiends’ was for the creatures that attacked Garren and Kael’s party (and apparently destroyed the land). Do you mean that Abatu and Zethra were also involved in that?
alltheeagles chapter 152 . 4/23/2015
Garren started out as I’m-evil-but-I-can’t-be-bothered-to-try-very-hard-at-being-evil but he’s different now – not sure when that started happening, but I think he’s a fairly more convincing leader now. Oh, is it cause he has his soul back now? Regained his zest for life, so to speak...
Mare and the gang used the ‘group of four in the grove’ mode of transportation, I assume, which suddenly makes me ask, how come the assassins didn’t need a group of four to get to Kosmalas?
Right, so I was wrong about the snow being from Beramute and it’s a symptom of some other disorder actually. I do feel a little pleased that an earlier hypothesis of mine (this is all a dream) is actually not too far off.
Masuve’s alive? Ho-hum. I suppose she still has something to do. As for Maelomi – two main reactions: first, was it necessary to point out that she’s alive quite so many chapters ago? And second, I want to buy her a coffee for chewing out Mare. He SO deserved that.
Anyway, that was quite the about-face. Last chapter it was everyone being all fired up about going back and saving Tylarus under Mare’s glorious leadership, now they’ve basically abandoned him in embarassment.
Language: do you mean mutated corpses (X men) or MUTILATED (headless, limbless) ones? what he HAD been through (not “he’s been”)
alltheeagles chapter 151 . 4/23/2015
This is definitely a 2 for 1 deal. OMG this is such a long chapter...
First off, I loved Ronas’ remark on how they should have thought things through BEFORE getting in the air. She’s very levelheaded (but not insufferably rude like Mare), and so far the only non-supporting character I like apart from Noir.
Oh, ok, so now I understand why Beramute is a brute – she isn’t herself. But isn’t the soul like, your whole person? Obviously not, since Garren is his own self with or without a soul. What’s the definition of ‘soul’ then in TES? In the second part of the chapter however, it is revealed that her controller – Maylara – is dead so shouldn’t she be back in control of her faculties and able to reason or at least ask why her fellow dragons are attacking her? Did Sakiya take over its conscience (Body, soul, conscience, mind - just how many parts does a being have in your world?) before Maylara died or before Sicadah destroyed the amber? I think this is a timeline issue – I don’t know which events are happening simultaneously.
In effect, I need to juggle three situations: the dragons vs Beramute, Iky and Dak vs the sisters, and the Mare/Sakiya/Ronas forum thing. Add to that there are action scenes and running around in different buildings that require extra cognitive power to visualise and make sense of... And should I also keep an eye on the Dakmar and Iky situation too? Achy brain coming on...
Sudden thought: the three sisters are the same person – Ekuma has figured out how to separate her primal instinctive self from her rational mind. Yay, more split personalities! That’s why they’re so hard to kill – you very likely have to get all three together at the same time or her ‘life’ would just move from one to the other.
I remember what I said about fixing what doesn’t need fixing – such a coincidence that Sicadah echoes that sentiment here. It’s like trying to fold origami – we can try to deal with the mistakes, but at a certain point the only thing that can be done is just crumple it up and go back to the beginning.
The last bit was a bit too much glibly happily-ever-after for me to take seriously, sorry. I know, I know, it was the grand finale of Part IV (yay me for getting this far) but it was just a tad too trite for me, particularly the bit where Beramute goes “I, along with my split persona...”
I think you could do with some cooling down time before they all decided who was on the new team. Aren’t they, like, too tired after all that fighting to immediately jump up and volunteer for yet another mission? Just because Mare said so... they’ve all turned into his faithful minions, it seems. And Diodonne is suddenly Miss Congeniality now? Also (I know this is an old question, but I just HAVE to ask it again) what has Garren done to all of them anyway that they have such a gigantic chip on their shoulders against him? Especially the men... what, they’re jealous that Garren’s keeping all the prettiest girls for himself? Finally, I baulked at the thought of more split personalities. *whines* I thought we were ALLLLL DONNNNNE with that.
Language: I think ‘absolving’ doesn’t fit. How about ‘excluding’ or ‘disqualifying’?
alltheeagles chapter 149 . 4/23/2015
Eh, the other dragons are not taking Baramute’s side? I thought they’d be all, Yes, Dragons Rule! and help to destroy Formicid as well. I don’t know how being tactless is connected to being scarce, though. Um, it means they’re bad at chatting up the ladies?
Right, I finally have my facts straight – Ronas did not have the phylactery she just made a container for a phylactery. Maylara was trying to trap Baramute’s soul in the crystal and make herself a new phylactery. (Incidentally does that mean HB really IS dead and not coming back?)
Ronas seems to talk differently here – much more angsty American teenager in tone. She was quite grown up and less slangy before. Just saying. For the record, I don’t like Diodonne any better than before, no matter if she’s suddenly a bona fide good guy now. You know, I find myself liking the assassins, like how I like Ilfrost. Why is it that I find the flat characters likeable? Does understanding the others better make them less attractive somehow?
Heh. The ending kind of reminded me of Romeo and Juliet. Welp, if they’re both dead then it’s no loss to the rest of the world. Except for the mess they’re leaving behind. Crazy dragon running loose. Crazier assassins out for blood. And dear old Crazy Mare and his Crazy Crew trying to fix what might not need fixing at all.
Nothing much to say about chp 150 except that I have the vaguest of memories of that man in the fur coat. It’s good that you keep us posted on Tylarus’ latest developments, but like I said, I’d tend to forget these little snippets unless you show their significance soon. So the only thing I’m taking from there is that Kael is dead. *Sniff* I liked him, so I’m sad.
alltheeagles chapter 148 . 4/17/2015
Can I claim another 2 in 1 on this?
This chapter SO reminds me of one of those scenes from Agatha Christie/Young Detective Conan/Scooby Doo where the clever sleuth is dazzling everyone with his brilliant deductions. So anyway, it makes sense so far – not so much that I’m going Whoooooaaaaa, all saucer-eyed with amazament at the perfection of it all, but yeah, I can follow the general argument. You know, maybe having a totally thick character in the mix (representing the slow-witted reader) would help – he or she could have all the Captain Obvious questions and lines for the clever ones to play off and make their revelations to.
On the word ‘revelation’, it’s a little over-used, I think. Realisation, understanding, recognition, comprehension... would all work too.
Didn’t get the wind and mountain rules remark.
There ya go... Talon says elves are immortal. So why is Lorien somebody’s kid and growing old? Oh, righty, his body can be destroyed but he’ll be reborn later, right? In which case, if I were an elf, I’d kill myself every now and then to get a new body. Oh, is that what Lorien and maybe even Veloren was doing? Keeping all those children around as vessels of some sort? Youthing changing to a new, younger body? I think that’s cool, albeit creepy.
I kind of get why you highlighted the hybridness of everything now, though if it’s just to explain how the BH came to be that’d be overkill to the max. In celebration of that realisation (there, I used the word too), here’s my latest silly theory: the HB is the result of the dragon Baramute fusing with a puppy (the sixth element) that got caught in the portal. Wait, there were some dog people in Tylarus, right? So one of them then.
The incantations were impressive. Did you make up the words, or are they from somewhere? Alien/foreign languages in fantasy tales interest me.
You go, Baramute my gal! Blast that pervy Lorien into dust. At this point, not having been introduced to the person of Baramute, she’s just this bestial being somewhat like Godzilla. I wonder if you’ll further develop her later...
Finally, language: ‘Ilfrost does nothing BUT make a mess...’ reads better
alltheeagles chapter 147 . 4/17/2015
I dig how Lorien’s power works – by imagination. There, I knew it was significant. Was that how Talon got the better of Ronas too? By imagining stuff? And the dying but not really dying...
Lorien’s definitely a few currants short of a fruitcake, but you have to admire how he’s made sense out of what he was told as a child. The moral of the story is: don’t spout philosophy at your kids, they’ll grow up into psychopaths.
I’m switching back to the Lorien-is-the-WD theory based on this chapter. I’m probably completely and utterly wrong...
Three cheers for Volicaid! He’s cuckoo too but man, does he make a dramatic exit. I have a thing for that. Reminds me of martial arts movies from Hong Kong in which the hero (or heroine, or anti-hero) dies a slow death from poison/stabbing/some other fatal injury, and manages to look good while finishing ten minutes of dialogue before his final gasp.
alltheeagles chapter 146 . 4/17/2015
Claiming a 2 for 1 for this, ok?
I need to clarify something: do the dragons know who Sakiya is actually? They don’t seem to be supposed to know, but then Molekai seems to know a little. I’m missing something here...
More sudden transitions that perhaps might belong in another chapter. Took me a moment to reorient myself after the scene break. Rightly or wrongly, I’m associating the part with Verona and young Lorien with the part earlier on Youthing. If there’s a young Lorien, then it looks like your elves do indeed age. And Sakiya was... their nursemaid? Their birth mother (alien experimentation! little grey men molesting embryos! clones!)?
Hello Garren. Bye bye Garren. That was the phylactery delivery, wasn’t it? And now we know what it looks like: a yellow stone. A sudden thought on Sakiya: unless there’s a good explanation for why she’s following Verona around (and even to the Council meeting), then she’s just a convenient flashback device to present the phylactery delivery and the current Kosmalas situation. If the answer to that is simply ‘Cause Verona loved her’ ie Sakiya was Verona’s pet human, then I’m mightily unimpressed.
I’m pretty sure Valrik was a single-use character and he isn’t coming back. He came across as buffoonish anyway. A bit like Talon, really.
I’m pretty sure the imagination thing is central to the plot somehow, the way Verona keeps harping on it. I remember vaguely making some remark about this whole thing being a figment of somebody’s imagination and you didn’t disconfirm it, so that’s yet more supporting evidence.
I was right! Sakiya was cloned! Lorien’s cuckoo plan worked because he had the phylactery...
Not seeing the whole picture, but yeah, I think I get the gist: the white dragon either created Tylarus at the moment of her death, or Tylarus doesn’t really exist, it’s just a figment of the WD’s imagination. Which means the HB is probably from Kosmalas? If the phylactery makes its holder so powerful, then how was HB able to kill WD anyway?
Who dunnit? Or rather, who has the phylactery? Sounds like a murder mystery set up. Oh, I know, the phylactery is hopping around because Kosmalas (or Tylarus, or both) was created using its power. Maybe they’re all in LORIEN’S imagination. But no, wait, the clues about the ice point to the WD. Back to square one... I’m feeling so un-clever. Um, Lorien is actually the WD?
I have a feeling that even after I read all 200 odd chapters I’d still need an explanation on what the plot actually was.
alltheeagles chapter 145 . 4/17/2015
I thought Maelomi was dead. Or maybe that was Masuve the convenient plot-mover-along. Your characters don’t stay dead, do they? My gut response to that is, the first (and maybe second) time that happened, I went Hmmm... interesting. After that, it was more of a Ho-hum... whatever. But if you keep doing that again, it’s likely going to be a Boy who Cried Wolf situation, where I will completely disregard anybody dying cause they’re coming back when it’s their turn to play ball again.
Interesting that the first person she asks for is Mare and not her love interest (or was Mare her love interest? I can’t recall. I remember when I dissed your inclusion of entire passages verbatim in italics as flashbacks. Ironically I wish I had one of those now.) Anyhow, I’m hazarding a guess that this has something to do with Sakiya and her double split.
alltheeagles chapter 144 . 4/17/2015
This chapter has filled my head with questions. What’s the difference between the Udara and the rest of the Elves? It wasn’t explained in your glossary...
Free muscle contractions? How quaint. So the Amaiza are matriachal and the Elves are male-dominated? Should I be reading some deeper implication into this, some kind of clash of ideologies or yet another dichotomy that needs splitting?
Youthing, so there are children involved. Presumably, they’re elf children? But then aren’t elves ageless and do not reproduce? And oh, Jomerra is still in play. Luckily I didn’t forget her yet. Wait, isn’t Jomerra a guy?
Too much data... cannot compute... self-destruct activated... countdown commencing...5, 4, 3, 2, 1... beep.
[Buries stone-dead brain in the back garden]
Language: privilege (wrongly spelled)
alltheeagles chapter 143 . 4/17/2015
I don’t know if I should try harder to remember Jomerra and Ralium – based on your principle that you don’t have single-use characters, I suppose I can’t just forget them, but they SOUND like single-use characters.
Sakiya is sounding more and more like Casper the Friendly Ghost. No wait, she’s the Ghostbusters’ Slimer. I’m sorry, I guess I should be taking her more seriously. Okay, she’s connected to the Dragons and the Elves somehow. That’s the only thing I’m quite certain of right now. The bit I didn’t quite get was who or what Ronas is going to separate, cause didn’t Sakiya just get separated from her other self and didn’t that other self die of the cold?
Aaaaannnnnd we suddenly have a cameo from Maylara and the HB. I thought you organised your chapters by relevance, so shouldn’t this bit be in a new super-short chapter as always?
alltheeagles chapter 142 . 4/16/2015
There’s something Noir-like about Ilfrost, and that’s what makes me like him, I think. I assume he’ll be having more to say /do, since you don’t have single-use characters, so I look forward to more of his particular kind of nonchalant amusement at the world.
I’m a little underwhelmed to find out that Sakiya is just another split-personality case. I’d thought maybe some kind of mind control by Lorien (who makes a much more satisfying villain than Garren, incidentally) or amnesia leading to betrayal of her people, cause those were the things that the clues seemed to suggest to me. Then again, you have her listed as human in your glossary so the second part doesn’t quite fit. But wait, she turned ethereal (I think I remember her doing this kind of thing before) so maybe that’s something I should pay attention to! She’s a... ghost! Hey, isn’t Diodonne human too? Oh wow I’m getting an idea... are all the humans in this story split souls then?
alltheeagles chapter 141 . 4/16/2015
Oh, that wasn’t a demon but a dragon. Phew. I haven’t lost the plot after all. This dragon guy has a helpful horned lady healer too? They’re all very much into inter-species mutual aid relationships in Kosmalas, aren’t they? Quite different from the polarization in Tylarus. Incidentally now that we’re back in Kosmalas, I’m gonna forget the previous chapter, I know I am...
The phylactery’s hopping around? *Jaw hits the floor* No wonder I was so confused as to who had it... Oh well, the good news is that I don’t feel cheated or tricked. It’s a good complication. NOW let’s see you accomplish your cut and dried mission, Mr. Mare.
Sakiya... lots of clues about what she might be, but nope, I’m not gonna speculate on that yet. And oh, I finally figured out the third party in the war!
Language: more so (it’s joined up); if you are unable TO DO THAT
alltheeagles chapter 140 . 4/16/2015
Ah, we’re back. That’s quite a good way to do the ‘meanwhile, in Tylarus...’ wrap-up while incorporating the POV of the felines. I did wonder what had happened to them. Something big happened, huh? Kael’s army got defeated by fiends? Or Garren’s? Or both?
I suppose there was a reason for reacquainting us with the Tylarus crowd. Mentally, it doesn’t really fit well into the stream of thought – I’d probably forget this episode before very long unless you continue along the same line for a few more chapters.
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