Reviews for Ricochet
Blair20 chapter 19 . 20h
This was an excellent sequel to Verigotto. The plot took many turns and advanced how the characters grew spectacularly. The ending was appropriate for the story and possibly one of the most heart warming parts of this story. Over all this duo is an action filled romance spiked thriller. I love your work and can not wait to read for Boone's perspective.
foxbagels chapter 20 . 6/26
I read both stories in about five days. I love these stories so much! It's great to read a love story that actually has twists and turns and a different plot than all the usual ones. So so so great and I look forward to reading "The Rookie"!
Du chapter 19 . 2/9
I don't want to ramble, not again. So I'll just say: perfect. It's my third time reading this, and I keep discovering little tidbits that make me love this story even more. You did such a brilliant job, really. Thank you for letting me be a part of Gemma's journey.
Du chapter 11 . 2/7
This Gem/Boone conversation at the end is one of my favourite romance scenes (not very romantic, but you get what I mean). It would have been so easy for you to just let Boone suddenly have an epiphany and fuck, he loves Gemma and knows she loves him too!, and I am so thankful you didn't take that route. You kept them true to the characters we've been reading for the last thirty chapters, both with Boone being confused (and oblivious...) and with Gemma trying to remain strong and leaving.
I think I've always praised your action scenes above the rest, because it is damn difficult to write them and you do it perfectly, so I just wanted to drop a line and let you know I love what you did with this scene.
Du chapter 6 . 2/6
God, Boone's declaration in this chapter gets to me every time. I feel it all, everything Gemma feels I feel. Such superb writing. If I could only find myself a man like Boone. I am so in love with these stories that I'm about to cry, because I've spent the past days binge reading and I can't stop. Just, thank you, so much.
(PS: it's still me, the person who won't leave you or yor stories alone. I ran out of chapters to review, so I'm here being an anon...)
Du chapter 2 . 2/5
These African descriptions are just... Woah. I am African, but southern Africa is so far away, the only thing I lnow about it is what I've seen in pictures. And your descriptions are wonderful.
October103 chapter 19 . 1/19
I just wanted to leave a quick review to tell you how much I ADORED both Vertigo and Ricochet. I could probably write you a book detailing every part I loved, every part that made me laugh, or tear up, or yell at the computer screen. But please just know that your stories are some of my favorite writing of all time. They were every thing that I hoped to find on Fictionpress and more. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted a good action story with believable romance. I wish I could have a physical copy of these to carry around with me and read whenever.
I loved loved loved all of this and I am sad that I'm finished. But I'll be moving on to your one-shot tomorrow, so I'm thankful for a little more.
Thank you for sharing your work with all of us and for putting in so much hard work. Every chapter was long and detailed and perfect.
I'll be keeping a close eye on all of your other work. You are a very talented writer. Thank you again, beautiful work!
October103 chapter 8 . 1/11
Okay, so upon finding "Vertigo," I blew through that story like it was my life force, lol. Such a fantastic story, you're so talented.
I haven't bothered to review anything, because I know both stories were posted or finished at LEAST two years ago, but I just had to tell you, the fact that Boone did, in fact, draw a diagram on a napkin made me bust out laughing here at work.
Lol, I love both of these stories.
Adoore Khwab chapter 19 . 1/11
I just read from Vertigo to Ricochet all over again. I still can't get over how awesome it is. You have clearly written them both with so much maturity. I will miss them both, girl.
Cassadaga chapter 19 . 12/8/2016
This was just excellent. So well written (and consistently so), creative, well-researched, good pacing, great characters. I love the way you handled Boone's issues and the way Gemma was so mature about things. Like when Boone saw her with Ben and assumed the worse, but she chased after him! I was a little worried that you'd go the clich├ęd route of Boone and Gemma being silent and bitter because he won't listen to her reasoning...but no, she went after him and told him what's what, and I loved that. I also loved Gibson, and I love that she grew on me at the same time as she grew on Gemma. Your characters are very real people.

It's so well-rounded I wouldn't be surprised if it's a professionally edited and published book. You SHOULD publish it. I could go on forever with praise! Thank you for sharing this with us, this and Vertigo are some of my favourites on this site. I will go read the Boone one shot next! And I look forward to future stories from you! :)
Cassadaga chapter 11 . 12/6/2016
Oh my God. When Gemma was signing her non-disclosure agreements, I thought to myself "God, classified stuff is going to get revealed, I shouldn't read this, it shouldn't be written down!" then I remembered it was fiction lmao that's how sucked in I get.
Cassadaga chapter 9 . 12/5/2016
Great as usual! Love how you characterize Gemma and Boone outside work. I also like her interactions with Ben. It's very adult and realistic, I think. (Which reminds me, the same can be said for her interactions with Gibson. she doesn't like her but she doesn't get all high school about it. I like their dynamic and I like the character of Gibson.)
Cassadaga chapter 4 . 12/3/2016
So good
Sweet thing chapter 19 . 11/28/2016
I love the story it is well written and and thorouly reseached like booners fake russian name is the namesake of the man who designed the ak-47 and ak-74 and when lisolethu "our eye" nyawuza was calling back gem he said "intombazane" which means "a girl" take out the i and it will be like taking out the a in the english meaning but overall love the story
Guest chapter 19 . 9/4/2016
"Nothing was happening but everything was right". Great line! And great story. I enjoyed Gemma, hwe devotion to and ability at her job. I liked the action, the whole crime-fighting storyline. AND having her relationship with Boone play out as it did was very nice.
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