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C.rozz chapter 20 . 7/10/2017
Hahahaha, Atlas thinks she's in an abusive relationship with someone doesn't he.
Guest chapter 20 . 7/9/2017
OOOOH MY GOD SO GOOD. Thanks for this! It's amazing to see how well Atlas knows her and tries to adjust for what he clearly realizes is an abusive/unhealthy upbringing, while not relenting in asserting that the abuse is NOT okay.
I love that Eden is to the point where he tells her to lie in his bed and she just flings herself contentedly in.
Atlas: take off your cloak and get on the bed
Eden: *plops onto bed* you're so nice and I like the way you smell
Atlas: ...this is not how things used to go after I asked women to undress and get in my bed
(He likes this better though, Edens wounds not included)
sheryl chapter 20 . 7/9/2017
oh damn shit is heating upppppp
Bookworm chapter 20 . 7/9/2017
So many things just happened! Mostly Atlas and Ebony things that make the heart go all fluttery, but still things! The wait for the next chapter is going to be painful. I cannot wait! If you do move sites be sure to let us know!
infinite101 chapter 20 . 7/8/2017
I loved this chapter! Thank you for the update :)

Did I sense a hint of jealousy from Thetan? (I feel like there's definitely something strange afoot with him and his feelings towards Eden/his master plan concerning Atlas' power - or am I reading too much into it? Ahh the Lakehouse mind games! Haha keeping me on my toes).

I love the gradual development between Atlas and Eden and that he immediately knew something wasn't quite right when he saw her, favourite quote: '"My body," she reminded him, "is not your palace."

He paused, his attention flicking back up. He pulled away just slightly. "Perhaps it should be."' I loved this whole scene with them both.

I hope they can have more moments like this together, the chemistry between them both is electric!

As always I can't wait to see what happens next! I hadn't heard of FicFun before but will check it out :) wishing you all best!
Ilsa with an I chapter 20 . 7/7/2017
*grabs a torch and pitchfork and leads an angry mob to the Lakehouse to capture Thetan* "COVER HIM IN FIRE ANTS AND SACRIFICE HIM TO BRONTIDE"
*angry mob cheers and drags him away screaming*
*Brontide is satisfied with the sacrifice and transfers the rest of his magic to Eden via high-five*
*everybody gets on the fancy boats to go on an adventure*
*as they sail away toward the horizon, the distant sound of singing is carried back on the breeze*
DreamingAlong chapter 20 . 7/6/2017
Interesting to see that Eden admitted that Atlas's actions were necessary in regards to her moment of out of control. Character development? Also, Thetan is such a cunning man. It's frightening to see how well he plans everything. It makes Eden's plans of escape from his control if ever more so difficult. Thanks for the update!
JaeHee27 chapter 20 . 7/6/2017
Thanks for the update! Atlas and Eden are confused about their feelings toward each other and the tension/chemistry is so intense. Like Atlas said, Eden is slowly starting to understand that the treatment she receive from Thetan is wrong and unjustified. I am hoping that the crew at the Boat House betrays Thetan. Also, Thetan is acting weird when he believed that Eden was a love interest to Atlas. Hmmm. Anyway, I am loving Eden and Atlas so much and am looking forward to more updates!
emelarie chapter 20 . 7/6/2017
Woah this was intense...such a slow burn romance but I love it!
Guest chapter 20 . 7/6/2017
Guest chapter 20 . 7/6/2017
I think you should upload this to Wattpad or some other platform. Still can't believe fictionpress exists
Neonpink chapter 19 . 7/6/2017
Another awesome chapter.
It's pleasantly wonderful to see Eden changing. What will his reaction be when Atlas knows of the state in which Eden returns? In physical and mental agony,
And irrational anger directed towards him? . That is if she can after that brutal punishment! I'm dying to know what made Atlas behave that way. Is he. This is indeed a gift from you to all of us all on your birthday!
Ilsa with an I chapter 19 . 7/3/2017
I am very much looking forward to Thetan having something truly horrible happen to him. And also, don't apologize for having a job and a life! I hope that the vast majority of us understand that work and life balance is difficult, and when you don't get paid to do this, it just realistically isn't going to be #1 on your to do list, even if you want it to be. We appreciate your work and the updates you are able to put out!
Asexual Jane chapter 19 . 6/30/2017
Happy birthday!

Forgive the following for the language... I'm in a mood after hearing you've been harassed.

I come back from hiatus to multiple chapters, so I was pleased as punch. I didn't know you had an updating schedule, but whoever is complaining it isn't often enough can dive into a dry pool. You grace us with your art, for free, and they have the nerve to demand your time and energy like a whiny bitch consumer. Don't rush art, people! Grrrah!

Deep breath. In and out.

Okay, no more about that. I'll reclaim my calm and move on.

Hugo. Wasn't nearly as much of a pain in the brothel as I thought he'd be, but his stalling tactics gave Atlas a lapful of sleepy unguarded Ebony, so I doubt Atlas noticed. Hugo, boyo, someone needs to teach you how to play hard to get. You folded way too quickly. At least our captain of the guard is smart. He doesn't trust Ebony, makes no secret of wanting her gone, but has also issued a challenge she can understand. He'll treat her as a potential hostile until she shares her secrets. But Loon, admiring his good sense, isn't offended, and with Atlas guaranteeing her welcome, she has zero motivation to actually divulge any secrets to curry Hugo's good graces. I wonder how much he'll flip when he notices his king is in love with her. I look forward to it. I'm thinking Hugo is used to knowing everything about Atlas's romantic interests. Like, Step One, Hugo, Step Two, Brontide. Speaking of what Hugo is used to, didn't Atlas admit he gave Brontide an orgy? I'm sure the orgy was plenty hungry for chocolate, but what did Hugo make of a pileup of amnesiacs? The dude probably has awesome stories.

So much development with Eden and Atlas! Kinda took me by surprise when Atlas went cold after hearing Eden's "anchor" was a person. He jumped to all kinds of conclusions, and now he's showing a jealous streak. Not a good look on you, Atlas. It was cute with the eye smiles, but this is plain unattractive. He can make it up to me later, when he realizes who Eden is really protecting.

Ah. Eden. Poor Eden. I have no clue what she's getting hit with. I thought it might be a cat of nine tails, but the details didn't match up. Or maybe the whiskey was drugged? It seems odd that she wouldn't recognize the weapon, either from the room or from knowing Cricket or from her training. The pairs must be more isolated from each other than I thought. Or it is something new. Is it weird I'm focused on that? Torture is so uncomfortable, I find I automatically distract myself with details.

I don't blame her bitchiness with Rose. Rose earned it, probably better than Eden can dish it. But I question Thetan's timing. Does he really plan to send her back to the castle, beaten and broken, the same night? Regular lashes might hurt, but she's used to them, and could probably ignore the pain until Atlas or Hugo make a fuss. Sending an agent obviously crippled into the field, to someone who can't resist fixing broken people... would be a typical Thetan plan, except the beating is too excessive. Atlas will want to track down who is hurting her when the evidence suggests it is escalating. This almost seems like someone doesn't want her leaving tonight.

With Thetan, I think the man really fucked up with Eden and is kidding himself otherwise. Even Eden realized Thetan is a bit delusional when he claimed he trained her to love Rose.

Little things keep nagging at me. Like, when Rose says that Eden is his favorite, because they are alike. Like how when Eden strikes out at Thetan using his own tricks, as an equal, he isn't disappointed. Like how he has ensured he doesn't have to hit her, because everyone assumes he'd be worse. And she can't see him while she's being hit. It is like he has focused her attention elsewhere, on Rose and the person she chose for punishment, and he keeps everyone's attention on Eden, like a magician using misdirection to conceal a trick. Eden has been trained to read people, and through necessity, that included Thetan. I think he is a mite bit worried one of his students will read something off him he doesn't want them to know, concerning how he feels about Eden. I think someone already knows, but it is the one person NOT trained for intelligence. Poor Rose might be spot on. I think Thetan is jealous of Eden's single-minded love and devotion for Rose. Maybe it is part of why he's planning to retire Rose, or maybe he just slipped when he spoke of removing Eden's "blinders" when Rose is gone. Lucky for him that Eden has damn well got a blind spot a mile wide around the topic of love. If those two girls ever really combine forces, I wonder how much trouble they could cause him. They seem to perpetually work separately, in parallel, neither understanding a wick about the other's work. If they could train each other, even a little, maybe Eden would know Thetan's secrets, and finally be able to wrest free of him, and save others in the process.

Ah, but the girl has shit going on! She doesn't have time to squirrel out Thetan's secrets when she has whale-god-approved loves to arrange, queens to make, kings to save, and assassins to foil before bedtime. Not yet. I think it might take Rose's failure with Brontide for her to revisit her gloriously short vision of mutiny. Or one more visit with Atlas. That boy has such an unpredictable affect on her, I never know if it will spark love, a revolution, or a tidal wave of confusion.

Holy crap on toast, I just had the wiggiest thought. What if Eden's brother isn't dead?

No. That's re-donk-ulous! I've watched too many Korean soap operas and I'm tired. Strike that from the conspiracy record. I officially withdraw it.

Are you a licensed pyrotechnician? A life guard? A summer camp counselor? No, don't tell me. Just don't work your fingers to the bone. You need those for typing.

Love and hugs for the working stiff! Hope you had a marvelous birthday.
rozalicious678 chapter 19 . 6/30/2017
Great chapter!
And Happy Belated Birthday!
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