Reviews for Silver Heart
True Talker chapter 1 . 8/25/2014
I like the picture that you have shared here. Thank you. (: Is there a smile upon my face while typing this? Yes, of course there is. That is why I type it to give one a glimpse into my responses for real. Reading this made me think of technology and of how there is thought about robots helping us humans more so later as in years later. It also then reminds me of the movie The Matrix. And then I think of what is shared here in this story and it does make me think... And I think of how well it is written and the emotions that are apart of this story. Thank you for sharing this. For with this story you have touched my heart. I will explain it to you this way...tears are forming in my eyes and thank you for touching my soul for real. (: I had went through what I have typed and I had noticed letters missing for example in the beginning I wrote "move" not "movie". It makes me think of where my thoughts actually are now. Again, thank you.