Reviews for Celestial Crusade
Wanderendell chapter 3 . 10/3/2014
Sorry, I tend to lose my train of thought when I have a lot to say, so here's the last thing I forgot to mention. While this story pays homage/tribute to Final Fantasy and other Square-Enix masterpieces, it still manages to be its own original identity and story. It's a creative mix of all the Final Fantasies, while having its own touch. XD There, I believe I've said everything I had in mind for now.
Wanderendell chapter 2 . 10/3/2014
Sorry, I forgot to mention this. I would like to say in advance to all readers that this story isn't up for changes/ additions/ deletions content-wise / story-wise, unless I have to correct some spelling or grammatical errors. Please treat this story as a completed and finished work. Please take it as it is and for what it is even with its imperfections/ flaws. I worked really hard on this, I didn't just treat this as a hobby (I actually wanted to make a career out of it), and I would like to preserve my artistic integrity by sticking to the final product as it is, if you guys don't mind. :) Please take note that this doesn't mean that I don't entertain criticisms or advices, not at all, in fact I appreciate all of them and take notes for future works I will write. I would like to thank you guys in advance should you choose to consume some of your time to read and try this story out, and I hope you enjoy it, especially you JRPG/Final Fantasy fans/folks out there. This story has lots of plot elements and scenarios that pay homage/tribute to the nostalgic and classic Final Fantasy entries of the past (PS1-PS2 era) and even pays tribute to other masterpieces by Square-Enix (formerly Squaresoft) like Chrono Cross and others. You will surely find them all like easter eggs and hopefully churn out a few smiles of nostalgia while reading them along the way. I hope you guys just enjoy it for what it is and not be too nit-picky. XD
Wanderendell chapter 1 . 10/3/2014

I put "Copyrighted" in there just in case, because I did for a fact file this work for copyright with our National Library. (Yeah, I know, the effort huh.) I did so because even though I had slim chances of getting published and plagiarized, I always took this seriously. Also, it makes me feel more secure just by putting a copyright notice as I've read about rampant plagiarism happening on this site in the past. Also, even though we are all immune from plagiarism in this site for all its impeccable anti-plagiarism system or whatnot, we could still be plagiarized on other sites or even other media forms for that matter. So no, I won't be taking that down anytime soon.

As for expanding the chapter to "flesh out" the main characters' lives before the "crisis", no I won't be doing that either as I've already released this whole thing in one go and as any writer who has artistic integrity, he/she should just be confident with his/her final product. If writers complied to any changes or additions their readers requested, there would be no end to the changes/ additions/ deletions and thus the final product will soon be warped into something very different from what the writer originally envisioned in the first place and therefore it is no longer his/her work. I devoted 3 months of my life into this, and proofreading alone took even more time and effort than I expected. The more content I add, the more there is to proofread and I don't think I want that anymore. I've done my very best, and finishing this work unexpectedly took a huge toll on my health - I developed Sinusitis for the first time in my life, bled from my nose and acquired permanent allergic rhinitis what with all the all-nighters I pulled back then trying to proofread, polish and perfect this piece of work in order to make it as error-free as possible. I lost a lot of sleep and it seriously damaged my health. It took me weeks to recover my health, and I promised myself that I would release it like this without adding anything else content-wise. If I kept on adding and adding there would be no end to it, so I realized in the end that I just had to believe in it, let it go and just accept that it can never be perfect. My OCD wouldn't let me do this at first, trust me, but I managed.

As for getting to know the characters beyond the basic descriptions I gave, don't worry, you would be able to get to know them better in the following chapters I guarantee you. Just keep reading and you will find what you're looking for. Their personalities will show in the decisions they make and the kinds of reactions they make. If this still doesn't satisfy you, then thank you for trying out my story and reading anyway, as I believe no one is capable of pleasing everyone. With regards to their attire, well I kinda purposely left that out because first - I couldn't decide what kind of outfit they should have so I just thought it would be better to leave that to readers' imagination, second - I didn't want to limit the characters to just one attire for the entire story as realistically speaking people should be changing clothes from time to time, there was no way I could suspend readers' disbelief on characters sticking to just one attire everyday. (Granted, this does tend to happen a lot in video games and anime but I didn't want to conform to that as it fails to suspend disbelief. You might argue "and magic and monsters are believable?!", but you have to keep in mind that the stories' universe beforehand has already suspended the disbelief by setting magic and monsters as a norm in that story's universe.) Third - This story is written with a "Minimalistic Approach" in mind. Meaning, everything else other than the basic essentials is stripped away to make way for what matters - the story. I noticed most of today's novels like Game of Thrones waste so much time on describing settings, locations, and minute details and it ends up boring me to the point that I just want to skip to the part where things actually happen. THIS IS JUST ME, so I stuck to this style of writing. I am aware it would put others off, like it did for you, but I just stuck with my own style that's all and I always wrote in favor of what appeals to me. Regarding the geospawns, well, monsters are monsters. Don't worry, in later chapters I actually exerted more effort into describing geospawns. Never mind the first monster that ever appeared in this whole story.


- I already considered updating the story 1 chapter at a time, but I ultimately decided that I couldn't stand depriving readers access to subsequent chapters. I didn't feel like making them wait 1 whole week just for 1 chapter. It doesn't sit right with me. Considering I already finished the whole thing, I can't see why I should release it chapter by chapter. That kind of setting is only applicable when you're monetizing your work. People have gotten used to this kind of setting thinking it's the most effective, when the truth is people have just been conditioned to think this because of how industries work to monetize their works of literature the most efficient way possible. Plus, if I released it 1 chapter per week, people tend to forget the story. My story isn't meant to be read chapter by chapter, people will forget important details from previous chapters and I don't want that. Think of this as a novel, video game, movie or a completed anime series. People don't shy away from buying novels just because of their sheer thickness or length or completion do they? Think about that. I want people to have access to all chapters at all times. It's not like I am forcing them to read the whole thing in one go. That's the thing - people can read and stop anytime they want at any point in the story they desire to. It's like how you play a video game for instance, you can finish it/ play it/ stop anytime you want, but you aren't deprived of subsequent parts/ chapters of the games. Everyone hates paid DLC's (downloadable content) in video games when you know it contains important future events to the overall story, like the ultimate ENDING TO THE GAME - ring a bell anyone? Even if it's free, it's still stupid to separate it when it's already been completed beforehand. As for getting my story buried by new stories, well even if I did update 1 chapter per week it would still get buried during the 1 week intervals (heck your story would get buried well before it's even a week what with all the new stories posted everyday), and plus I already figured out a way to get around that problem while still keeping the story complete :)
360pages chapter 1 . 10/2/2014
I agree with Lord Goodman, take it down and slowly update once a week. This will give you a chance to edit some things and allow readers time to understand what's happening slowly.

I also noticed some missing punctuation in these chapters like a few missing comma's here and there.
Sepha chapter 1 . 10/2/2014
Quick tip: You might wanna remove that 'Copyrighted' part from your summary. Who'd copy this idea, anyway? The site has you covered.


Your story is along the lines of a typical Final Fantasy story, with main characters having a peaceful life before darkness creeps into their home and changes everything. This kind of classic set-up is a bit of a mixed bag for me. On one hand, it counts for a nostalgia factor, but at the same time, I want to see more of their lives. Perhaps extending a chapter will do?

Your characters. It's only the first chapter, and I can't really say anything other than the personalities you just simply gave to me. So, I can't really judge them.


Writing is rather fine in terms of grammar and spelling. However, you're lacking description. And a lot of it. I'd like to see more of Kyte and the others, and I'm not sure what the Geospawn looks like. Please, fix that up.


Overall, I might come back to read more. Slow down your pacing so you can flesh out your characters, and also add some more description (or at the very least, some of the characters' attire and looks).

I recommend other readers to simply read this story. I might number score this once I get far enough, assuming I do get there.
Lord Goodman chapter 1 . 9/1/2014
Hey, haven't had the time to read very far in your story here, so I'm not going to say anything about it just yet. Anyway, just wondering why you released this whole thing at once. I would suggest you take down all but the first few chapters and release the rest of a weekly basis. Otherwise your story is going to get buried before anyone will see it.

P.S. I'll see if i can read some more tonight and maybe get a review out tomorrow.