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Guest chapter 52 . 9/15
Any chance of an update soon? I keep checking back early because you say you want to put them out faster, but then find myself disappointed :(
Guest chapter 52 . 8/24
Ahhhhh it was so good and worth the wait. Congratulations on your pass, thank you for juggling your studies and this wonderful story you're sharing with us all! We all love the characters and your writing. Hope to hear more from you soon
MadDan90 chapter 52 . 8/23
YES! An update! I'm so happy I could get a hard-on! No. Wait. That was due to the writing. ;)

And whoo boy! That scene in the pool was awesome! I was also surprised by Aleron's restraint, but he is a very smart incubus, and one that very much WANTS he lady-love to succeed in her training. If nothing else so she won't every have to know someone else's touch. Will things play out like that? We'll have to see. I for one am rooting for this couple. Always have. :)

I'll be looking forward to things as they enjoy their vacation and mingle with the people. It's has been a while since she has interacted with other people. Maybe she can make some friends while she's there. As fellow humans whom are with incubi/succubi, I'm sure she could benefit from their perspective. Although, I am left to wonder, has she learned to control her energy enough to "mask" how special she is from the other sex-demons? I would hope so. I doubt very much Aleron would have her around there if that wasn't the case. Maybe he says a word or two about before they mingle.

All in all a very satisfying update (ignore the pun :P), and one in which I happily give a SOLID 8.5/10. I hope you are able to find the time to bring out the next soon. Congratulations on your certification!

Until next time! :D
Guest chapter 51 . 8/18
Please update soon!
Guest chapter 51 . 7/30
Another great addition, I'm hooked. Hope your exam went well, and that we'll see another update very soon! Eeeekkkk
Guest chapter 51 . 7/22
Another great chapter (congratulations on reaching #50 by the way!). This is the only book I've ever read in this format, because, well, I'm super impatient. But I literally check back constantly for new chapters of your story, and don't think I'll be able to stop until it's finished!

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job and making it worthwhile :p
Skye Blue Meadows chapter 51 . 7/20
I just got done reading the updated and wanted to say I liked it a lot. This vacation spot sounds amazing and I cant wait to see what happens with Aleron and Lucille. I will be looking forward to your next update. Thank you again for sharing your story with us.
MadDan90 chapter 51 . 7/20
Whoa. Very nice. A vacation mini-arc sounds like a great idea. Especially if they will get to interact and mingle with other people at the resort. Color me intrigued and interested! ;)

As usual, Aleron is being cagey, but then again that is part of his character now isn't it? Heh. :P
Oh, and both of them are terrible teases! Of course, I fully expect Lucille to win this game of sexual chicken. The image of Aleron crawling into bed as he enters her dreams whilst teasing her body automatically floated up to my mind's eye. Hehe. But anyways, a very relaxing and chill chapter, and I am looking forward to their days of R&R.

Until next time! :D
Skye Blue Meadows chapter 50 . 7/11
I just got done reading this update and wanted to tell you I liked it. I cant wait to see what happens next in Aleron and Lucille's relationship. I will definitely be waiting for the next update. thank you for sharing your story with us.
Guest chapter 50 . 7/6
Sending you so much luck for your exam(s). Another great read, can't wait for the next chapter already!
MadDan90 chapter 50 . 7/1
Whoa! That was a nice, surprise scene in the hall. I approve. :)

Still, Aleron let slip one small, but crucial detail: he had been in constant contact with Lucille's father this entire time. That really does beg the question, what the hell is been going on behind her back? The plot thickens, really does sum it up. And now we have more than one reason to come back. So many Mysteries just hanging in the air, teasing and tormenting your readers for answers. Oh, I'd be irked right now, if it wasn't for the fact I've used the same tactic in my own work. :P

Oy. Lucille and Aleron are being just a little too nonchalant about this. I have a feeling that this is going to backfire spectacularly on them, if Lucille's training is not completed. O.o

Still, besides continuing / finishing her training, we now have a number of other things to look forward to. I just hope that these two are able to finish things without that other idiot incubus showing up again. Ugh. I felt the same as Aleron. I too wanted him dead. Whew. Anyhoo, good work as always, especially given the last minute way you were able to upload it. Take care of yourself and good luck on your certifications. I'm sure we are all rooting for you. ;)

Until next time! :D
astoria chapter 24 . 6/24
astoria chapter 22 . 6/24
so i bet she's probably part angel or smthing
Alex Demonica chapter 49 . 6/12
Honestly, I'm betting Eranel isn't careful about preventing pregnancies, and may have purposely tried impregnating Lucille, both a) to just fuck with Aleron and b) make it so he can keep seeing her, not really giving a shit about the baby. Though, it's your story and you can pick whatever route you take, that's just my theory.
Guest chapter 49 . 6/9
Another great instalment. Already can't wait for the next one! You're doing a fantastic job and like you say we are so invested in seeing how things play out, thank you for the update!
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