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Alex Demonica chapter 49 . 6/12
Honestly, I'm betting Eranel isn't careful about preventing pregnancies, and may have purposely tried impregnating Lucille, both a) to just fuck with Aleron and b) make it so he can keep seeing her, not really giving a shit about the baby. Though, it's your story and you can pick whatever route you take, that's just my theory.
Guest chapter 49 . 6/9
Another great instalment. Already can't wait for the next one! You're doing a fantastic job and like you say we are so invested in seeing how things play out, thank you for the update!
Skye Blue Meadows chapter 49 . 6/10
I just got done reading this update and wanted to tell you I liked it. I cant wait to read more of Lucille and Aleron's story. I wonder what Eranel is going to pull next. I will be looking forward to the next update and will be watching for it. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
Darkangel Guard chapter 49 . 6/6
So fucking good ! You had the tension all over the top !

I hope you still take care of you though.

Keep up the good work !

MadDan90 chapter 49 . 6/6
Well... shit. That happened. O.o
No lie, my heart was racing the whole way through, and now that piece of shit Eranel is aware of where they live, me thinks this will get complicated.

Now the idea of Lucille training with another incubus has far less appeal. Maybe training with another type of being would be better at this stage. Like say a Fallen Angel? I say thing because the LAST thing that the happy couple needs is another incubus getting addicted. Yeeesh.

All in all, while short, the chapter was sweet, and I am still hooked in for the LONG haul, and glad to hear that you'll be sticking with. :)

Until next time! :D
Katja de Vries chapter 49 . 6/6
I totally agree with Lucille. Aleron is such a sweetheart but he needs to open up to her. Awesome chapter.
Skye Blue Meadows chapter 48 . 5/29
I just got done reading the last two chapters and wanted to tell you I loved it. I can't wait to see what happens in Aleron and Lucille. Thank you for sharing your story with us I am looking forward to the next update.
Guest chapter 48 . 5/25
At the end of the second new chapter I was like, ughhh, he'll see them in a few days? How can I wait a few days?!

...Now, I remember that writing doesn't adhere to the time schedule in the book. And what a shame that is :( I will wait and keep waiting just to see the whole story pan out.

You're doing an amazing job and at this point I think I speak for most of us when I say, we all are totally invested and just want you to keep putting out the material. The waits are long, but, we're too far gone NOT to carry on reading and waiting! That says much about your abilities.

Thank you!
Katja de Vries chapter 48 . 5/24
Another awesome update. Thank you!
Guest chapter 47 . 5/24
So good! Thank you for the update. Can't wait to see the next bit... X
Darkangel Guard chapter 48 . 5/25
.great !
Finally Eranel is gone and done for. Would have like a bit of a triangle here, at least someone maybe half as good as Aleron in all honesty.
But I'm quite okay with Eranel seeing that I didn't really like him.
Good job being so fast ! You amazed still after almost 50 chapters !
As always, I look foward to the next chapters !
Take care, byyye !
MadDan90 chapter 48 . 5/24
Whew! Pharzuph, I am still suspicious of you, but for now you have won me over dude! :D

YES! Progress has been made, and Lucille has finally gotten, THE HINT! Aaaaah~. This is me breathing a tremendous sigh of relief. I. LOVE. IT. :)

Now I can safely say that the wait for the next installment, won't be nearly as bad. Thanks for that. ;)

Until next time! :D
MadDan90 chapter 47 . 5/24
Aaaaah~. That was a nice chapter. Just the two of them FINALLY enjoying themselves, and letting down their burdens. I loved it, so thank you for the chill update. :)

As for the writer's block, and everything else you've described, I can totally relate. I've experienced much of the same with my fanfic works, and it can be a royal pain in the arse. Still, for better or worse, I have readers/reviewer whom are willing to let me know when I am slipping, and for now, know that you are not slipping. In fact, I have yet to see it, so you can relax for now. Just take your time, because us loyal readers aren't going anywhere. ;)

Until next time! :D
cjgw312 chapter 47 . 5/24
I can relate. I hit,tbose same walls when writing and its always so frustrating becausd I can see the scene in my mind. You are not alone and I always enjoy everything you post when it finally does manifest. It is always worth the wait.
Bev chapter 46 . 5/18
I've been enjoying getting back into this story! Really great chapters :) Excited for what's coming next!
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