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Guest chapter 67 . 11/11/2019
Great new chapter last month. Remembered that I hadn't had time to comment when I read it as I was checking for an update today! You're doing the story proud. Wish I could binge read it to the end, but also can't stop myself from compulsively checking for new chapters.
Mad-Dan90 chapter 67 . 10/18/2019
Hey there~! Great to see a new chapter posted. Another short one, but IRL waits for no one, so I completely understand. Anywho, let's get into it! :D

Yay! The curse of the itchy bandages has FINALLY been lifted. I know all about itchy wound dressings, so I can sympathize. Heh. In any case, with that out of the way, the couple can FINALLY go on their vacation, and try to mend things. Of course, there was a brief moment where that demonic "medicine woman" I'll call her, was suspect. Maybe it's just as Lucille thought, and Aleron's being over protective. Although, she seems to be a rather old and knowledgeable demon, and after being up close and treating Lucille, odds are good that she may have an idea that Lucille is not an ordinary human. Will that complicate matters? Probably, but not nearly as bad as it would've if she was a succubus-doctor. At least I hope. These two have already been through enough, despite the story not being done yet.

Anyways, it was tense for a moment there, as Aleron was obviously (at least from my POV) talking to a subordinate about getting another Nephilim for Evera. Now THAT would likely set Lucille off like a nuke. Although from my perspective, Aleron is in a bit of a tough bind. He does OWE Evera for helping him save Lucille in the nick of time, and she obviously now knows how "special" Lucille is. So he has maybe 4 options. One, let her run off at the mouth about Lucille, and thus put her in danger, AGAIN. Two, simply kill Evera, which Lucille would go nuclear over if she found out. Three, "share" Lucille with Evera as payment for her help, which Aleron likely would NOT go for after recent events. While I'm sure some readers would be all for a hot, steamy, demonic three-way, or several, given the debacle with that now dead Incubus, is it any wonder that he chose option four? Namely, what he's doing now. "Rock and hard place", anyone? So yeah. He had to pick the lesser of the four evils there. Well, hopefully Lucille will never find out, and their vacation goes off without a hitch. Fingers crossed there. :P

All in all, despite the short length, I for one found it to be an enjoyable chapter, with enough to allow a reader to "read between the lines", if they're paying attention. So given that, this one earns a SOLID 8/10 from me. ;)

Until next time~! :D
Guest chapter 66 . 9/19/2019
I'm ready for the sex to happen lol
Mad-Dan90 chapter 66 . 9/19/2019
Hey, hey! Glad to see an updated from you again, even if it is a bit on the short side, so let's get into it! :D

Glad to see that Lucille is getting the needed treatment and care. It was also cool to see that she has good friends among her old-man's harem. People that she can talk to and relax around. Especially when she's on the mend. And while I am glad that she and Aleron have patched things up with their relationship, I also hope that she does NOT find out about Aleron's secret deal with her dad. That's the LAST thing that they need at this point.

Though I am confident that won't happen right now. Also, I think I like that healer's personality and attitude. That's pretty cool, and a good contrast to other characters we've seen thus far. And Lucille's shyness is still cute and endearing, even if she's being a little ridiculous with it. :P

All in all, despite its short length, a real chill chapter to move help move things along. Although I can TOTALLY get what you mean with IRL shenanigans getting in the way. Been there, done that. I whole-heartedly sympathize with you there. Well, in the meantime, this chapter gets an 8/10 from me. Since I love the characters, and that demon doc made my day. ;)

Until next time! :D
Mad-Dan90 chapter 65 . 8/20/2019
Yay! Glad to see the update, despite how short it is. Hopefully it'll be longer next time around. Anywho, let's get into it~! :D

Well now! This was a treat. Pharzuph, actually being contrite and apologetic. Huh. I actually rather like this side to him. Of course, it's mildly disappointing that another "sneak peek" at his "equipment" wasn't present. I found Lucille's flustered and embarrassed reaction late time to be so CUTE and adorable. Hehe. :P

Regardless, in a way, this abduction actually helped to bring them together, and get Pharzuph to "grow up" in a way. I'm all for him getting some positive character development, and him training Lucille in some self-defense is a step in the right direction. I'm actually looking forward to this new training of hers. Also hoping to see her having some "girl-talk" with Pharzuph's harem. Having some friends in which to confide in would do her a world of good.

As for Aleron, I was surprised by his request to Pharzuph for a moment, but then as I read alone, realized that he still owes a dept to Evera. And since he would NOT share Lucille with the succubus with some sort of incubi/succubi 3-way, then the only logical conclusion to make would be finding another Nephilim as Evera's "payment" and thanks for helping him save Lucille. The fact that he feels guilty about it shows more character development on his part, despite wanting to honor a dept. Ditto for Pharzuph, who seems hesitant himself in getting involved in such things. And since he's not a idiot, he probably put one-&-one together to figure out the "why" behind Aleron's request. Let's just hope that this doesn't backfire. ':)

All in all, an enjoyable chapter despite the short length. Here's to hoping the next one is longer. Until then, I give this on an 8/10, and look forward to seeing more of this changed Pharzuph in the future.

Until next time! :D
Darkangel Guard chapter 64 . 8/7/2019
Still as great as ever ! Great progression, you should really consider a book if you like writing :)
Also, I miss the chair. I would have fucked around with them to mess the spirits that dared frightened me to pass the fear haha
I remember how scared that chapter made me XD
Mad-Dan90 chapter 64 . 8/1/2019
Whoo-hoo! An update! I love it when I came home from work to find one of these, so let's get into it! :D

Well, well. I am both relieved and surprised that both Lucille and Aleron have been able to patch things up to a certain extent. Granted, things still aren't at 100%. Much like her injuries. Still, it's a positive step in the right direction. Of course, mending the fences of their relationship will be an on going process. That's for damned sure. :P
I'll admit though, I was VERY surprised by Aleron's proposal. I mean, I too have issues with his sort of business, and like Lucille, I'd rather not think of the fates the men and women that were roped into it.

Still, I worry that this might be a bad move on his part. I mean, granted it'll affect his/their finances, but more than that, I worry how it might look to the other demons in his realm. Some might take it as a sign of weakness on his part and make him a target, while others might get pissed enough about the sudden stop to his business that they might try something to get back at him. After all that's happened lately, the LAST thing he needs right now is to do anything to get unwanted attention. So when they have a chat with Pharzuph, I am hoping that the fallen angel actually point these things out. He may be a bit of a scumbag, but he's had his moments when he's been the voice of reason. ;)

All in all, despite being another short chapter, I rather enjoyed it. I'm still wondering what Evera is up to, and what kind of payment she wants from Aleron for helping in the rescue. I doubt that she'll just go away after all this. I mean, she may not have gotten a "taste" of Lucille's energy, but after their brief contact, she knows that she's special. That's something that needs to be addressed later. Well, unless of course Pharzuph had taken her into his harem, and is now banging her on a nightly basis. If so, then problem solved. Hehe. Regardless, this one gets an 8/10. :)

Until next time! :D
EpsilonEridani chapter 64 . 7/31/2019
I love this story so much.
Guest chapter 63 . 7/29/2019
Love all the drama in recent updates. Keep it coming
Guest chapter 63 . 7/25/2019
I think she should be more outraged at what he’s doing, she’s already practically forgiven him
Guest chapter 63 . 7/16/2019
Guest chapter 32 . 7/16/2019
Your writing is amazing I'm addicted they haven't had like sex sex in a min and yet im still hooked NEVER STOP WRITING
DG chapter 63 . 7/15/2019
Still as great as ever, I can't wait to see where this is going.
Katya chapter 63 . 7/14/2019
I LOVE this series SOO SOOO SOO much. I wish it was a movie, tv show, giant book series in stores and so on so so many more people could see your beautiful hard work!
Guest101 chapter 63 . 7/13/2019
aw, man. lucille's havin a rough go of it huh? i mean, she can't even go home at this point now that she knows what she knows. still rootn for her and aleron. i shipp them hard! wut bout evera? she still lurkn somewhere? will aleron's business continue, but with a "woman's touch"? the suspense is real!
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