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Orgaya chapter 1 . 9/21/2014
Dextror is quirky.

I'd have to say on the whole this story seems more like an elaborate set up for some bizarre, green skin porn. There is a backstory, one that seems to be rooted in some pretty detailed scifi, but ultimately it was pushed aside so we can have a scene of a green lady being boned. Although, technically, we didn't even get to that point. But it was said to happen in the beginning, and was implied right at the end.

I saw a the top that this was a one-shot, but nothing was really resolved. At the beginning she says she did something wrong, and then we see the events leading up to that wrong thing, and then... it just stops. Was there going to be a sequel?
Hedonistic Opportunist chapter 1 . 9/21/2014
I could easily do depth for this, but I'm a bit tired, so let's roll with EF. I like the opening, I must say, because of the easy-flowing writing style, and the way you describe Larissa's clear affection for Emily: there's a touch of romanticism/admiration there when she describes Emily's beauty and a warm, clear fondness that really give off this pleasant vibe. I'm not saying they are a couple, but you can feel how close they are. I especially like how you describe Emily as being beautiful but also inelegant by eating chocolate: it gives her a loveable quirk, and also set up the dialogue that followed quite nicely.

I felt the dialogue was realistic too, with Emily hesitating to tell her friend everything, and then finally giving in, telling Larissa not to judge till she had heard the full story. I like how the second scene of this story opens with Leo's POV. He seems like a nice guy, but also immediately enchanted by Emily: in fact, I think he seems very, very eager to talk to her, and isn't one to deny his attraction to her. In fact, I'm rather convinced he planned to sleep with her from the get go XD. I like how you set up their relationship: with Leo hearing about Dax and the later monster. I liked it, because it gave us a bit of insight into how your first story ended, but also fleshed out Emily a bit more. I really wonder about her, and her past - and the other hybrids like her.

Also, you had lovely dialogue in this scene again :) I might have gotten a taaaad bit uncomfortable with the mention of Leo's manhood getting rock hard and all that, but that's because I can get uncomfortable around mature themes at times XD. It's nothing I'm criticising! If anything, it shows how, err, Emily is affecting him (but yeah, I think he seriously just wanted to sleep with her from the get go XDDD).
YasuRan chapter 1 . 9/21/2014
I'm honestly a bit conflicted on the story itself. It has some nice elements of sci-fi romance and there's potential for our protagonist Emily to grow as a character with her position as her a nurse (a person trained to care and sympathize, yet keep a balanced, logical approach to it) mixed in with her vulnerability as someone who clearly straddles the line between humanity and something not quite.

Yet Leo's appearance was rather jarring. There's little characterization beyond his marital status and lusting for Emily. He seems to view her more as a fine specimen ripe for, um, 'examination' rather than a personality in her own right. The sci-fi romance element I mentioned liking earlier has to do with how different he and Emily are in terms of backgrounds, but at the same time, their foundation of their relationship - at the beginning, anyway - reminds me too much of a porn movie intro to take take seriously as a romance.
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