Reviews for Orphans Will Chapters 1-10 Collection (Please Review)
Romeo Maku-kemi chapter 1 . 11/23/2014
yo good stuff first chapter is good. i havent reviewed it yet cuz i was busy its really good all i will say is. your fight scenes are good i get the concept but its hard too follow. remember we can read but cant see. the spears how long are they? how come they can fit in a pouch talkless of 22? also try and shot ketsous mental state in a fight( like when he was blocking and his spear kept getting broken. what was going through his head. if you read my fight scenes they are not perfect but every exchanged blow is mentioned.
deladracroness chapter 2 . 11/24/2014
its good but you kind off focused too much on the sword and why did yoshiro decide to use armour...not alot of progression tho for one chapter. try and mix progression a bit with small details. i would like too see a bit more of your work tho. am sure it will take u ages to review my chapters. write abit more so i can recommend some friends.