Reviews for Language of the Month: Ainu
Monty Mason chapter 1 . 2/16/2015

Here as you requested to read one of the two choices given. So I must say I'm quite surprised to find out about the internal conflicts Japan has had before. You generally tend to read about conflicts ranging between either country to country or people vs. government (in the modern times anyways, I'm sure stuff like this happened in the past as well).

However opening the article up with that overall picture of the differing conflicts in Japan between the different regions (is that the right word for that time?) sets up a really nice broad picture as you then start to slowly shift your focus to the Ainu people.

It definitely was interesting to read through the Ainu history and all that transpired that brought them to the point they're at right now based on your article. Out of curiosity though, would you happen to know from your research of why the Japanese government/people did not recognize the Ainu as an Indigenous community up until 2008? Did it have something to do with perceptions carried over time? Or desire to simply assimilate them completely?

And darn you! Why must you have good grammar?! Now I can't write my essays explaining grammatical mistakes...the review "streak" is broken! Ah that's alright that means less work for me lol. Although I did get lost at some points not being native to Japanese history and the history of other races, your head is probably overflowing with this knowledge. By lost I mean primarily by words/names that would be foreign to someone sitting and reading over at the other side of the world (who isn't a history or a language fanatic like you). Words basically not in English with no translations lol. Kinda broke the flow at times for me when reading it (that's just a personal thing though, unless other readers have had the same problem).

So overall this was very informative, and hopefully people at your school got something out of it. And about that fanatic comment...*jitters like a madman*...I'm sorry please don't hit me! :P.

- Monty