Reviews for Confession
thenightlypoet96 chapter 1 . 12/2/2014
This character is really, really, twisted. There are some ares where this is shown and when they appeared it's great but everything else seems a little confusing or unclear. I thought no one recognized, witnessed, or seen the killing. Then, a few sentences later you say, "A year or two in here and I'll be scots-free". Are you referring to imprisonment or something else that's no supposed to be known to the reader? Also, instead of the part where your character says, "I-i-i I'm s-s-s-so ect." Maybe write what he does in court (If this is the case). I think this should be changed. Leave out the dialogue part maybe and just say what it is. And let's be realistic, if he's getting away with murder by saying those things (and it happened multiple times since it's required by whomever) somethings wrong with the employer. I mean would you re-hire an accused killer multiple times?

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