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Guest chapter 53 . 6/16/2016
Why would you DO that?! Why Kenny?! WHY?!
Taint.Revile.Elude chapter 43 . 5/16/2016
That was dramatic. Understandably so, but still-Essa and Kenny deserve one another, they both whine so MUCH.
Taint.Revile.Elude chapter 41 . 5/14/2016
Oh, Essa, I know there's a terrible life waiting for you at home but why do you wholeheartedly believe you're going to die? That does sound lovely, however, their pg-13 nightcap.

Oh, goodness, Essa, you are somehow more insufferable than most teenagers sometimes... And you should stop, lol. Please stop! I forgot how important little milestones are in teenage romances but it rings true.

Because people often at least like people who challenge them, if only for someone to debate with. At least, that's why I've stuck friendships with people I don't always agree with. It's all about experience and expansion for me. Maybe Sandra and Will, too.

See, NOW you have a reason to fear for your life. M is crazy and a card-carrying member of the National Gun Society. I have no clue if that's a thing, lol. Sounds legit. It's NRA but M has a pistol, so...

A) I adore holding hands and any sort of physical affection as I'm not one to verbalize.

B) I do not! My Mom does, it's crazy, she gets those things from bumping into shit.

I knew it was Hamilton! I keep hearing rave reviews about it! Thank you, New York podcasts!
Taint.Revile.Elude chapter 40 . 5/13/2016
Lol, she'd probably start to give him one, freak out and traumatize them both. In short: Not a good idea. Save the action for the pros. No questions, lol, okay. I'm worried for Alan!
Taint.Revile.Elude chapter 39 . 5/13/2016
A) Arizona, hiking, camping and sunshine all day! PS: I know nothing about these things...I'm allergic to nature (I wish I was kidding) so camping in anyplace where there are legit trees is a horrible idea. See why I need that dessert landscape? :)

B) No. Lol. Autumn means I'm that much closer to Winter. I need ice cream and sunshine.
Taint.Revile.Elude chapter 38 . 5/7/2016
Ah! I've read this chapter so many times, lol, and I never reviewed because I had no time, which resulted in me re-reading it because I couldn't remember the exact contents. Goodness gracious.

a) I like comedy like most people but it isn't my favorite genre and there isn't a comedy film in my top 5, maybe not even the top 10. But there's this, "She's a hoe because she's sending her coochie through the mail." Lol, I will always love Monica for that.
b) Talented writer, that much is undeniable, he married his cousin, I wish they talked more about that! Very Cathy & Christopher and I'm SUCH a Flowers in the Attic fan, so... yeah, let's talk about that incestuous marriage, Ed.
Taint.Revile.Elude chapter 37 . 11/18/2015
My last review was so full of spelling errors, goodness, I must've been super tired when I wrote it. Calling Uncle Ralph on the big, white telephone—that's the first time I've heard that saying but I love it. Essa, methinks you're with child. He is yours and you are his, indeed. That sense of ownership is nice, isn't it.

Oh, wow, Will had no one as well, huh? I never noticed that, how lonely his life was.

Yeah, it's clear Essa is going to have another child but this may not be THE child. M might beat the baby out of her but...I don't know, worse things could happen. He could decide to let her have it, have the forethought to let her have one more happiness he can ruin. Running away might do more harm than good.

Your death would effect quite a few people now, Essa. All your problems would end but you'd just add another to several other piles.

Do right by yourself, Essa! You can't afford to worry about anyone else at this moment, not even Kenny.

Goodness, these kids lives. Have a baby later, lady, you've got time and you have so much work to do on YOURSELF because you want a baby for a few of the wrong reasons.

Oh, don't hate her, Kenny, she's got things going on.

A) "I got friends that fuck guys... in jail." The 40 Year Old Virgin
Taint.Revile.Elude chapter 36 . 11/13/2015
I prefer breakfast and brunch dates to dinner dates. To see the person you're with in honest to goodness natural lighting is a gift. Plus, breakfast! I've begun a love affair with avocado and hummus do breakfast (and brunch) are winning the game of life.

Boygriend and girlfriend are terms of endearment as intimate as one's own name in comparison to: "what do we call this thing we're doing?"

"It's a thing. Our thing."

"A thing…with no name. Thanks."

O_o "Yeah." Lol.

If your head wasn't so messed up right now, you'd have similar feelings, Essa. Especially with yhe boy you love—you'd go out of your mind for him if you weren't already doing that for different reasons.

Les Mis, why? That is unbearably long. I'd have been asleep like Alan or making mischief like a marauder. How do teenage couples day goodbye? Lol.

You can't know what he'll think, Essa, until you actually talk to him.

Are we going through all four years of Essa's high school experience?

A: I think she SHOULD but I don't think she WILL. If he ever knows, I think he'll stumble upon it. People learning hasn't made Essa more careful with hiding her secrets. A small part of me thinks she wants certain people to find out.

B: I don't know about that one.
Nidchat chapter 47 . 11/3/2015
I love Kenny n essa no matter how complicated their love story is... I am curious too coz I really can't make it out how she ends up in asylum ... good luck for your audition
Y.Y chapter 17 . 11/3/2015
a) Greenish Blue

b) If I would order one, it would be from McD.

Best of luck in your writing! Enjoyed reading them :)
Nidchat chapter 46 . 11/2/2015
its fun ... I mean yeah that was reckless but still so much fun! my dream vacation would be Paris... I enjoy live shows though I don't get to watch them often
Taint.Revile.Elude chapter 35 . 11/1/2015
A: I'm not sure I know any songs about secrets, though I'm convinced they're ALL secrets in one way or another because, without context, we'll never know what our favorite singers are talking about. Emeli Sande, for instance, has explained what so many of her songs mean and I realized I came at them from an entirely different point. It was a really good moment.

B: More than I should, I think, which is weird because they scared me as a child. LOVE THEM NOW.

How many of these should I read between chapters of Unexpected? I'm a little lost right now. Any help would be appreciated. :D Glad I'm kind of catching up.
Taint.Revile.Elude chapter 34 . 10/29/2015
I think you COULD turn to him, Essa. He'd be there for you. But he IS manic at maybe that isn't the best idea—logic. But forget logic, work on emotion, save yourself! You and Kenny may have to flee when he goes on his emotions and is facing jail time. Is that why he asks you to go away with him, is that why you refuse? Is it because you're BOTH ships in need of anchors? Too similar, not enough balance, that kind of thing. Ugh! I'm freaking out a little.

Oh, gosh, Essa, I doubt that's what anyone is thinking. You love yourself so little.

You are confusing weird with concerned, Essa, and someone has to be concerned for you because you are doing nothing for yourself. You're not even worrying sufficiently. Goodness, this girl infuriates me sometimes. She is a battered woman and thus forgivable for her inaction but that doesn't make it easier to experience. Why have you no happy stories where I can SMILE, woman?!

You're going through one normal experience, loving someone and hating it. Good on you, Essa. You still need a change!

You don't know how he could love you! It bothers me so much when people do this: assume. Just ask the person, especially if you're friends with them. Move on. It's okay if they like you, it's okay if they don't—not knowing is the only situation that truly sucks. Essa! Stop being this girl, you are killing me.

A: Autumn in warmer places, Summer in colder places. I've grown accustomed to warm weather and the activities available to those therein. No more snowball fights for this girl...not voluntarily...but, you know, kids. Lol.

B: I do! I love art and famous landscapes, all that jazz, and sadly those things are designated tourist attractions but I don't see the point of living in New York ALL your life and never seeing the statue of liberty up close!

I spotted more spelling errors and such but I know you were going through so much and I'm sorry for that. I know you'll correct it at some point when you're about to publish this thing!
Taint.Revile.Elude chapter 33 . 10/29/2015
This IS a rather depressing chapter and made sadder because Essa believes she deserves what she gets. Ugh. Glad I read this BEFORE chapter 23 of Unexpected, however.

A: Millicent. For whatever reason I love elderly-sounding names for little girls especially.

B: Adele's Hello, of course, and James Bay's Let It Go! Can you see what sort of songs and singers I'm into? Lol. How wonderful is it that the love of my life has come out with a new song after all these years, and she's better than she's ever been?! I'm an Adele fanatic. I'm listening to Hello as I type this review actually. :D
Taint.Revile.Elude chapter 32 . 10/28/2015
Since I now know who wrote the letter, I'm guessing I was supposed to read THIS first, lol.

A: Birthday decorations (I almost put directions) are neither here nor there where I'm concerned but I LOVE pretty wrapping! Not just paper, but bows and ribbons, too!

B: I got an acoustic guitar after wanting one for years but what I remember are the three cakes, I baked one, someone bought one, and another friend MADE one which was delicious, and the massive balloon fight. I LOVE balloons, it was epic.
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