Reviews for Ancestral Worship
Clara E. Taylor chapter 1 . 12/12/2014
Wonderful! How do we write about what God has already so beautifully stated? I think we write, because we desire to express our love for Him and so that we can work out what He is in the process of teaching us. I don't think we are trying to improve on what God has said, necessarily. At least, that is how it is with me.
Clara E. Taylor chapter 2 . 12/12/2014
Great start. Trouble brewing for your characters in the village, it seems.
Unknownvoid chapter 2 . 12/12/2014
Goodness, the detail you put into this chapter made everything so vivid! Charlie seems to be an interesting character... I don't know what I quite think about him yet... Can't wait for more! :D Keep up the good work!
GingeRael chapter 1 . 12/5/2014
Your writing is really good!
JC Green chapter 1 . 12/4/2014
First of all, let me say it was your summary that really drew me in. I'm always game for what I call "anthropological fiction." I'm really looking forward to further chapters, but I found this one a little spare. You established very well that Reed's devoted to his religion, and you included little enough exposition that I want to read more, but I think you went a little heavy on the Bible verses, and that might make a few readers impatient, especially less religious ones. Also, I don't think it's necessary to have Reed talk to himself (unless this has some significance later on). If you just write what he's writing, that would probably work better. The image you began it with was very detailed, and I could almost see the pen moving across the page. Including more sensory details like that later on would probably make the story more vivid, and give the reader more connection to the world you're describing.
TL;DR I'm following this.
Unknownvoid chapter 1 . 12/4/2014
Wow, your writing still amazes me. This was REALLY good! I'm tearing up right now! I could just picture the whole thing and the emotion leaked through beautifully! Those are some of my absolute favorite Scripture passages as well! Another great one!