Reviews for Bad Boss
v-n-ll-y chapter 1 . 12/5/2014
Read this beforehand so I had some time to consolidate some of my thoughts, though I'm pretty much as rusty at reviewing as I am at writing. I know you didn't have much chance for a full proofread so I'll skip the stuff I'd normally point out and focus on the content as a whole.

The first thing that came to mind was the novel Of Mice and Men, even though I haven't read it in years. (Assuming you know what I'm talking about) I see some resemblance between Doug/Thug and Lennie. Big, hulking guys who are physically strong but intellectually handicapped, and have a penchant for petting soft things. Though Adams is obviously much more... abusive? ... to Doug than George is with Lennie. But that brings me on to the next thing.

In my opinion, you accomplished the main purpose pretty well. It's clear that even though the Boss does evil things, he's not completely evil. Basically, I see it as the idea that people are neither entirely good nor entirely evil, which is the vibe I get from your work in general. In a way good and evil are on opposite ends of a spectrum, as opposed to having a clear cut in between which is which. So I like this particular concept, assuming I'm not pulling this interpretation out of nowhere.

As someone who's not well versed in comics in general, so I can't say much about the narration. One thing I noticed was a lot of exclamation marks, which I'm ascribing to a) said narration style, b) your own writing style, or c) my personal preference to avoid using them in narration. C being kind of moot anyway because people write differently.

Ha, I think I wrote too much. Overall it's a little rough but still good, and hopefully you get back into the groove. Thanks for the read and good luck with recruiting and the rest of the stories.