Reviews for Io Rising
JC Green chapter 1 . 12/8/2014
Quite the tour de force you've written here, with an ending that broke my heart. It's refreshing to read a little sci-fi that takes place in space; most of the stuff these days is pretty earthbound (though I myself am a willing perpetrator; my current work in project is dystopian). Your style and word choice were great, really conveying how hostile yet beautiful space is. I also like the way you described Titan, portraying it as somewhat friendly and Jupiter as a sort of hostile barrier between the characters and safety. I also liked the way the pilot saw Jupiter at the end, as beautiful, a nice thing to see as their last sight. Your grammar'n'mechanics were excellent aside for the odd misplaced adverb, and I think you meant "steeped" instead of "seeped." Also, when they're initiating their burn, the meditation on the name of the craft kind of broke up the mood of anticipation and terror that the pilot was experiencing. Another thing you could improve on is give a little more background on the pilot; I don't even know what gender they are. It would make their death even more poignant. Unless of course you left that out on purpose.
But the ending was wonderful and terrible, mirroring how wonderful and terrible Jupiter is. "Beautiful death" and "I do not want the song to end" were two of my favorite phrases. Nice job. You've really got something special.