Reviews for I, Immortal
v-n-ll-y chapter 1 . 12/14/2014
Gonna review this then attempt to retreat to my room without my feline stalker :B

Well first off I noticed it's definitely quite different from what I'm used to reading from you. As you said, normally I read more action-y stuff from you. On the other hand, it's not something that totally catches me by surprise. This is still very you. I mean that in the best possible way. By that I mean that your ideology really shines through and inspires here. I think it does, anyway.

It's interesting to get these glimpses into Carter's long and basically never-ending history, and to consider the different emotions he experiences in various stages. I guess the main downside to immortality is that it's like standing still while having to watch everyone else pass by. Lots of chances for both positive and negative experiences, so definitely a lot of mixed emotions, and I think you did a pretty good job with that.

Anyway, he seems like a swell guy. Hope I do him justice when I get to Raven's link to CAH. Good luck with the rest of the recruits and origin stories and everything.