Reviews for Solitaire
M. Tarleton chapter 1 . 12/24/2014
I like when artists try to describe the feeling of being alone in a crowd. Somehow, when I've known that I do not belong in a group, I've felt more alienated from humanity than if I had been the only person in an empty room. Loneliness like that can escalate to maddening levels, however, it can also be comforting, in a way, like you mention in your poem because there is the opportunity to "hear a lot of beautiful things" and I love how you point that out. Perspective controls how people behave in, understand, and react against the world, and I think you call attention to that in a thoughtful way.

Nicely written!
andtheny chapter 1 . 12/23/2014
This reminds me of all those times I'd find myself walking alone in a crowded hallway or sidewalk, often behind a group of friends chatting casually among themselves. I'd listen in on their conversation, inevitably, as I walk behind them. Sometimes I'll hear things that make me roll my eyes, but other times I'd find myself laughing along to a joke I wasn't even included in or smiling at a sentiment I completely agree with.

When you're walking behind or in front of someone who is having the kind of conversation you wish you were a part of, who has the kind of personality you know you'd get along with, it's sad when they walk off in a different direction. You feel all the more alone than you were before.