Reviews for Wannabe Statue
M. Tarleton chapter 1 . 12/24/2014
Intriguing and heartbreaking imagery. You evoked my despair in this poem, particularly when you created your narrator who feels so real to me right now. The image of the girl who is "the raging feminist," "[smashing] the patriarchy" with her left hand," who "[fights]...while shoving two fingers down [her] throat with [her] right" is effective because it demonstrates how much she battles with her personal morals, against the constraints and expectations of our modern society, against herself, her identity, and her physical being, and we see how much she is falling apart at the poem's conclusion. Your title, "Wannabe Statue," says a lot about your narrator who wants to be strong, proud, and perhaps an icon for the other women in her generation, but she must sacrifice much to become statuesque. I love her audacity, values, and humanitarian approach.

Beautiful and thought-provoking!