Reviews for Bathhouse Cafe - New Life
lorenzo860 chapter 7 . 9/25/2019
I really enjoyed this story and i really liked the lessons in characters are also very was a realy fun and entertaining read for me
360pages chapter 1 . 4/5/2015
Well, it's slow. Kind of slow, you have a interesting premise with the Cafe and characters so that is a good thing. However the chapter length along with its somewhat slow pace might turn people off. But this is something the individual reader has to decide what is best and what is not. I know quite a few people that love long chapters.

I mean our main character doesn't do a lot to move along the story. But we do see into their personality. Along with others.

I've seen plenty of stories that have a similar premise with light supernatural elements. XXXholic comes to mind somewhat even if this one seems a bit more normal compared to it. As for the Japanese honorifics. I personally do not see the need for them, since just stating the story is in japan and Japanese names will clue readers in. It's one of those things that there is a reason most official translations remove them unless it's a plot point.

Ergo, keeping it in Persona and removing it in Naruto. It makes sense in Persona since a lot of characters are flat out called Senpai while Naruto takes place in a more fantasy setting.

Regardless I don't think the story needs it. Also, was there a reason for present tense? I know it's a personal choice and I don't mind. It just seems like there is no reason to have it in present tense.

Over all, I probably dragged on this review enough.
PoetOfSaiMiHunManKal chapter 1 . 1/7/2015
Firstly, you should stop using “-san” and “-chan” and gratuitous Japanese (like “onee-chan”): they sound REALLY awkward when used within English dialogue (Japanese is my native language btw).
As for your characters, they were mostly decent; though some parts were hard to believe (I don’t think Japanese kids would get away with table flipping in schools). I liked the character of Narumi being an individual (quite rare for Japanese characters) and choosing to go to a strange location in AKIHABARA (a literal hentai paradise that’s frequented more by Otakus than young girls) to get a job at an obscure place. And I liked how you incorporated elements of a character “searching for him/herself” in her.
The overall premise of this story is what I found to be the most interesting. I’d definitely welcome a place like Bathhouse Café and would go there myself. I also like how you used voodoo dolls and had Yakouma explain that each employee is a personification of certain troubled characters.
Overall this is a good story.