Reviews for The End of Stalinism Within Me
Henri chapter 1 . 9/11/2016
An essay that made me to think of the ideals of teenage, and how devastating it can be when we realise it has all been a lie we've created to ourselves in our small little world.
Nikolay Nikolov chapter 1 . 2/21/2015
Ok so first I want to congratulate you on such a unique and awesome realization, personal growth and overall maturity. The essay is beautiful, rich on vocabulary, and it skillfully expresses the unbearable pain that you felt during the years when you were severely bullied. Your story just always seems to touch me and it's amazing to see that even though you have worshipped one of the evilest men in humanity's existence, it wasn't because you were inherently evil, but it strongly reflects your feelings of agony at that time of your life. It is also an amazing proof of the way you matured and became wiser, you succeed at communicating your feelings to the reader. Your interest in historical facts is also proof that you don't blindly follow ideologies but stick to the facts in a very realist and down-to-earth manner. I wish you the best in life, well done!
Yiuel chapter 1 . 2/13/2015
It's probably for the best that you won't see Stalin is a god worth of worship. He caused many disasters and possibly the largest genocide, most possibly bigger than Hitler's. He did a good job during WWII and perhaps was able to do a couple of things internally but, overall, a lot of it was misery all around. But don't ever forget what you experienced, and learn from it.
Monty Mason chapter 1 . 1/10/2015

It’s me again and this time I decided to take a look at one of your essays. Not much to say in terms of a review but more along my thoughts. I’m sure the times in which you “worshipped” Stalin were and perhaps still are rather precious to you (as those memories to will teach you something in life no doubt).

However what really caught my interest in this piece was the mention of Hitler. Now keep in mind I’m no supporter for the actions Hitler took against the Jew and the things his SS did. But there is one thing about him that is undeniable, the man had a vision to resurrect Germany to being powerful again and had a vision for the world which he acted upon. Most people now days dream about a world they wish to mold but either never act upon those dreams or can’t seem to find out where they should begin. The targeting of Jews in my opinion was perhaps at the beginning to simply place unjustified blame on them for Hitler’s own shortcomings, his propaganda campaign had strongly focused on making Jews outcasts and they were constantly blamed for the state Germany was in even though the real reason was due to the surrender during World War One, but people’s will was easily manipulated at that time by Hitler.

But the fact the man had a vision (even if that vision may not be agreeable with everyone) and he took actions is admirable in itself as most people now days have become passive in this respect. He brought back Germany as a formidable opponent at the beginning of World War Two, that is until the big alliance happened against Germany and Hitler’s own psyche started to fail him through paranoia. Now being totally off track there lol, I think this is a good piece to read but I’m sure it’s true impact will be held only to you and people close to you as this is more of a personal piece. People who perhaps know you best may feel like they’re getting more value out of reading this essay.

And also if you’re still into studying World War Two and Hitler’s downfall, there is a fantastic German film called “Der Untergang” or also known as “Downfall”.

- Monty Mason