Reviews for Blood Planet
Demon Writer Guy chapter 1 . 2/3/2015
Your story is good. You get into the action almost immediately, but you still manage to explain what's happening and the main characters back story clearly.

Your writing is good. I couldn't see typos of any sort and your descriptions are well done.
Overall I have no complaints. It's a chapter and a good start to a story.
ChimericalWrites chapter 3 . 1/27/2015
I was just thinking that I hope the guy that bit her comes back in and then there he is! I'm surprised she's already on the other planet. With the lycanthrope strain I get that she is more adapted for extreme conditions but they still basically sent a civilian to space with no training. Are they depending on her abilities to keep her safe, or is she more or less expendable now that they have their initial tissue samples and such? There were a couple of minor typos I noticed. In the first paragraph that Rick is mentioned it says he's "stood against immaculately white wall" so it seems like there should be a "the" between against and immaculately. And a few paragraphs after that it says she "stuck at her hand" instead of stuck out. Again your descriptive language is excellent and the story is easy to keep up with.
ChimericalWrites chapter 2 . 1/27/2015
I was wondering how exactly space was going to fit into this plot, and I like the way it works in. Its working dependently with the lycanthropy, the connection makes much more plausible in the plot rather than just being "werewolves in space". I also loved the way you used the DNA memory access to show her the basics for what she is and how this works. It eliminates the (sometimes very annoying) oh that was all a dream, I'm definitely not a werewolf chapters where the protag has to rediscover what they've become. The scientific side seemed well explained to me, it sounded legit but I never got lost in technical lingo. It seems a little odd to me that they would have put her in the less secure room to begin with. I understand that they thought she wouldn't wake up just yet and that there was still no chance of escape, but if they had this more secure room ready why not use it from the get go? Especially considering she destroyed property and while those lives and such may be expendable, scientists usually try to minimize risk in losing equipment and data.
ChimericalWrites chapter 1 . 1/27/2015
First off I LOVE your word choices here in the descriptions. Fetid, miasmic, gibbous, there are so many great words here that aren't "let me get out my dictionary" complicated but I don't get to see very often in recent literature anymore. Your action and suspense came across very well. This seemed like a very good opening chapter to me, you've given enough information to understand what is happening without an expository heavy first chapter that would seem slow and hard to get through. I spotted one typo, its in the tenth paragraph down (counting from the first one after the quote), last sentence. It says "she could have swarm" instead of she could have sworn. The only other thing I could think of as far as suggestions would be possibly shortening some sentences. In some places there are a lot of long sentences one after another, and keeping short and long variety may keep the flow going better. The long sentences weren't to the point that I found them tedious or anything though, it was just a little noticeable.