Reviews for Lament
Guest chapter 1 . 4/3/2015
ARGH, my review got cut off last night but I was too tired to try and fix it. So, to finish my thoughts:

I think choosing to write this story from a first person POV is absolutely perfect. I felt like /I/ had just lost my best friend when I realized it was Corea's funeral he wasn't attending. I felt like it was my wife (Angelina was the definition of soulmate for Tiger) and my son that the bombs took. So sad.

And then there, at the end, when he says: [No, that reminder stays. / Angelina would want me to keep that.] I'm glad that he does keep it. The last line is quintessentially HIM, too. Leaving while there's no one left. No chance to regret anything again. And he swims away . . .


Random Hero Fan chapter 1 . 4/2/2015
OMG, Total mistake to read this right before bed. I'm going to cry myself to sleep over this! Oh, Tiger!

I think that this is the perfect execution of a one-shot. There is an actual arc here, a beginning, a conflict, and an end. The narrator never names himself, and he never needs to. I can feel his turmoil as if it's my own. When he said [God got the last laugh after all.] I really did think I was going to start crying. For any fan of the series, this is a truly amazing peek into Tiger's last moments as a person. His goodbyes, his regrets, and even the tiny sliver of hope as he moves on, though I seriously doubt he sees his own death that way