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Averick chapter 24 . 12/1/2016
Too lazy to sign in. I can't believe I didn't review when I read earlier xD But it doesn't like to accept my reviews from my phone anyway, and I generally read the chapters on break at work, so... xD


I love it so far! I'm curious to see what happens next. What's Seth going to do to save ALL of Dalton, including his body? I can't imagine Dalton will be very pleased if he comes back in another body. And stuffing his soul inside the ring reminds me of the 'presence' going into the rock from Almost Forever xD It just makes me smile. I'm surprised he wasn't like "I'm going to fit in there?" lol.

I hope Seth will be okay if/when (WHEN) Aberdeen finds the room. If not Dalton will be sorely displeased with him, I'm sure. And poor Sethy, having to switch magic and everything. That's got to really suck. Growing up learning one type of magic and then having to suddenly change. I'd be scared too. Poor Sethy. Luckily he has Dalton literally around his finger, so xD

I hope all goes well for them, and you need to update ASAP!
Guest chapter 1 . 11/21/2016
This story definitely calls for a rewrite. I haven't read much of it but right now the MC seems too casual about someone being in his home. Even drunk, a normal person would have been all over calling the cops about a person breaking in. And in the first chapter didn't he say something about a roommate? Maybe I just read it wrong.

It could be a good story but I guess you wanted to rush to getting the two to interact and for as long as possible, if that's the case try putting them on even grounds? A more natural set up like maybe the Uncle introducing them rather than the cliche 'drop into your life and never going to leave' routine. It's stale and just plain annoying.
Averick chapter 22 . 3/6/2016
(... I guess I'm gonna have to stop trying to review from my phone because it keeps not posting the review... which is weird... ughhh... sorry, I did review, it just didn't go through?)

Ahhh I've missed this story :) Dalty and Sethy.

And what a ride so far! And lol, xD where Aberdeen's name came from, lol. Nice. Seth's mom is like so wonderful and I love her, and of course his dad is awesome. And they rescued Dalton! Huzzah! Good, because I'm not ready for the story to end yet. And poor Sethy got stabbed :( oh noes! But he's better now due to that sneaky demon healing, lol, so that's good I guess.

I do hope Dalton doesn't do something stupid like that again. I don't think Seth could take it if he just gave himself up like that again.

Also, the purifying/cleansing process sounds terrifying. I mean - I'm not like "fond" of my freckles or anything, but, like... they're a part of me, so... If I suddenly had flawless skin I'm not sure what I'd do O.o

Anyway, great few chapters, keep up the good work, and I hope you update soon!

Averick chapter 20 . 11/24/2015
It's being mean to me and not letting me log in because my computer wants to update, so whatever, I'll do that after this xD

I thought I reviewed last chapter? But I can't find the review! Ugh, whatever.

Okay for last chapter - DALTON WHAT ARE YOU THINKING! You're an idiot for doing this and poor Seth is going to go crazy looking for you!

This chapter: I wanna feel sorry for you, Dalty, but you brought this on yourself, mostly. You should have listened to Seth; when has he ever steered you wrong? And what do you think is gonna happen once Lucy's back, hmm? Ughhh Dalton... I love you but please...

Anyway, I'm loving the story so far, as always. Lilith amuses me even if she is a bitch. She hates the situation as much as Dalton, stuck having to babysit. And in a week the ritual is supposed to happen. Hopefully a week is long enough for Seth to find him and formulate a plan, but we'll see, I guess. Remember, chickadee, if you kill Dalton I get to kill Kie-Kie :3 soooo...

Anyway I also loved the bit at the beginning from Seth's POV. It threw me off for a second but I enjoyed it. And it's in third person now, I see. Interesting. Is it going to continue like that the rest of the story? Also, at the beginning, I liked the whole "you're doing a horrible job of cheering me up" from Seth, lol. It make me smile :)

As always, excellent update, and I can't wait for more! Sorry for my delay in reviewing, chickadee :(
Ghost Heart 123 chapter 18 . 10/6/2015
Hi, I just wanted to say your story is so awsome I love it. Thanks for not giving up on it a lot of the other stories I've followed have suddenly stopped. It's kinda annoying. Anyway thanks agin the story is really good.
Averick chapter 17 . 9/20/2015
I might have to murder Dalton for agreeing to give himself up, but I'm sure Seth will have a lot to say on the matter. Silly Dalton, all the humans would die if the evil demons got their hands on you! Stick with Sethy. Anyway, a lot happened these past two chapters, oh Satan! Hopefully things calm down a bit now and I hope Cain gets out okay! I like him :3 I like him a lot. I think after this is over Dalton and Seth need a nice long vacation lol. Reviewing from my phone so sorry if there are typos. I am excited for the next chapter! Update soon!
Aske Nat chapter 1 . 9/5/2015
Interesting - you captured the image of grief very well and I like the time you dedicated to dive deeper into to this more than just making Dalton feel sad.

I'm curious to see where this is going.
Averick chapter 15 . 8/14/2015
Reviewing from my new phone lol. Anyway excellent chapter as always! Isaac seems amusing of not a bot harsh about Seth's mom. I'd get used too of I were him. And then emo Dalton lol yah he did sound like Terry for a minute. But I mean, I'd be upset too! Suicide mission and all, randomly dropping dead, traitorous priests and everything. Everyone wants a piece of Dalton! The end was great with Hermes and Gregory lol. Gregory the spider. although, Cain saying his own sister can't be trusted worries me. I'm wondering if maybe he's the traitor and is trying to keep Seth from talking to Lilith about it... And if he's not lying then jeeeez the plot thickens of you can't even trust family! This whole chapter had a knot in my stomach. Please update soon!
Averick chapter 14 . 8/1/2015
Interesting chapter, to be sure. I'm very curious about what happens next and I'm really worried for Dalton. It's gonna be dangerous. I'm also worried about Seth; hopefully he won't do anything drastic and get himself injured because Dalton would be all miserable if that happened. And you better not kill Dalton! Grr!

Their little sexy scenes are well written and I greatly enjoy them. Is that weird? xD I swear I'm not a perv. I swear, officer! I mean, Tye xD

I feel like Seth, Dalton, Kieron and Terry need to meet up at some point xD Oh god I can just picture it. The humans trying to be all optimistic and whatnot. Bwahahaha. Achem, forgive my mind, it's wandering because I'm soooo tired and only got 3 hours of sleep on my day off of all things xD

Anyway, I'm really super curious about what's gonna happen next and I pray things turn out okay. As for Dalty being Sethy's personal cheerleader, I cracked up a little, the image of Dalton in a cheer outfit and jumping up and down and yelling Seth's name... it's just too perfect, okay xD

Update soon, please!
Averick chapter 13 . 6/23/2015
I finally logged in xD Happy days.

Wild Child of Hell, hehe what a title - for both the chapter, and for Seth. I love it. The sex scene was puurrrfect as always ;) They are so cute together. And then these High Priests! They certainly complicated matters. I'm with Seth on this - it's a suicide mission! And if you kill Dalton I am going to have to kill Kieron ;) Just so we're clear, dearie.

As for the sex they had in Mikhail's bed - oh satan the reaming Seth's gonna get when Mikhail finds out xD What a rebel, Sethy xD

I'm curious how the next chapter is going to go. I hope everything turns out alright and they fix the seal, and Dalton's okay! Please update soon!
Averick chapter 12 . 6/8/2015
Ugh, Seth, why? You were being so wonderfully open, telling Dalton everything he wanted to know and then some. And he said he loves you and you know you love him - I mean you watched him grow up xD Of course you love him! Ugh, boys.

Anywho, great chapter :) Sorry I couldn't review earlier, my boyfriend was over and we were playing versus xD

I liked all the new info we got and everything, and the fact Seth let Dalton suck on his finger when he was a baby xD So adorable. Also interesting to learn more about Mikhail because I like him, too :) AND OH SATAN THERE IS CABLE, RAMEN, AND TV IN HELL. I don't even... xD That's just beautiful, I love it.

Anyway, another great chapter - update soon!
Averick chapter 11 . 5/21/2015
My internet is being a butt and won't let me sign in right now, so xD

I loved this and I was happy to see an update! I love these two so much. Hell seems interesting, and they are so cute together. I love how Seth is just all calm and like "Calm down man" toward Dalton. But I would freak out too, you know? Anyway - another wonderful chapter and I can't wait for more! :D
Averick chapter 10 . 4/21/2015
Jeez what a chapter! So much happened! Oh God. Anyway I'm loving the relationship between them so much and as always I just love Seth to bits :) I'm curious as to what Cain gave Seth and I'm curious about their past relationship and everything ;) If Cain really does miss Seth or if he just said it make Dalton jealous and everything. Anyway, another wonderful chapter and I'm looking forward to an update!
PS - How could you do that to Seth D: And lol Dalton's totally checking him out while he's trying to heal xD Why does that remind me of Terry, haha.

Anyway loved it, update soon!
SlashLover chapter 9 . 4/4/2015
Yay! Relationship progression!

I love this story.
Averick chapter 9 . 4/2/2015
I like how he says 'Lucifer' instead of 'God' lol. Nice little touch there. Their relationship is going swimmingly ;) I love it. So happy Mikhail could help Dalton :D Poor Seth for having to see him that way, and shame on you Mikhail for showing embarrassing pictures of your son xD lol but my parents do it all the time. So. You should suffer too hehe. The ending was hopeful, at least, and I'm curious as to how this meeting will go and everything, and how their relationship will go. Thanks for the update!

PS: Sorry I haven't responded to your email; there was an incident with my ripping my nail clean off (I feel like Terry, gah) and so I can't type with both hands xD So it takes longer to do things. I will try to update and reply to you as soon as my finger isn't on fire from a single movement ;) Anyway, great chapter!
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