Reviews for The Klyptonites
xpechpilzx chapter 14 . 5/12
At first I was sceptic, but the story turned out just fine and I am looking forward to the next chapter of yours. Keep it up, I like the girls and their families.
JayLynnTheDragonHunter chapter 11 . 2/11/2015
This is pretty interesting. I'm interested as to what the next chapter will bring.
LDF chapter 1 . 1/31/2015
[We always started our battles the same way. Pilar moved first. She struck a match on the bridge of her tongue and a fireball the size of a fist formed instantly in her mouth, our cue that the battle had begun. She had the amazing gift of taste. Anything Pilar put in her mouth could be enhanced in some way, shape or form; she could learn a language by licking a foreign dictionary or turn a piece of ice into a snowball…the possibilities were endless.]

Taste and enhancing an object is not the same thing. Fireball doesn’t equal learning stuff by eating, unless Pilar eats fire to enhance it.

[I listened to our enemies' thoughts, and I could change them, too. Like a coach, I plotted our next moves and anticipated our foes', doing my best to keep us from harm. My gift was that of sound. I could hear the smallest of patters from miles away, right down to a whispered thought, and I always knew when the enemy was coming.]

You have two different powers here. There’s telepathy and super hearing. They’re not even remotely connected. Also, the use of telepathy means that you don’t need superhearing, as you would know automatically if they are close due to thoughts.

[Then there was Jane. She could see everything. Literally - she could even see behind her while, looking forward, her peripheral was expanded exponentially. Her sight covered unimaginable distances and was finely tuned to make out minute details. But the best part of her power was imitation. She could make anyone see what she wanted them to - the caveat being that the vision only lasted a short while.]

Imitation sounds like illusions. It would be imitation if Jane could learn anything from just watching somebody else do it or something. But this is nothing like that.

[Finally, there was Quinn. She had an enhanced sense of smell (I liked to call it "enhanced inhalation.") I still believe she could inhale the soul right out of a person if she tried, but she never did. Honestly, she rarely used her power.]

How does smell translate to eating people’s souls?

[Quinn was a fighter, trained in 6 forms of martial arts and a master in several forms of weaponry. I don't know if she really appreciated her gift as much as we did, but she should have, because she was also a healer. Quinn could suck the illness from your lungs (or anything else, really) and heal you without bringing any harm to herself. But it was a difficult gift to control, and there was always the fear that she would take too much from someone. I don't think she liked the idea of having such a fatal power. We all did, in a way, but to be able to sniff out someone's soul - the very essence of their being – was a heavy cross to bear.]

So in short, everyone’s a sue with their powers. They can’t just have enhanced senses. They have to max out their powers as well as extra features to make them extra special. The only flaws they’re allowed is the fear they’ll go too far, which isn’t a flaw so much as just being really crappy with your own powers.

What makes superheroes interesting are their limitations and character. Here, the Klyptonites don't have any limits, and they don't even have character. They're defined by their powers. The only kind of character it hints at is that they suddenly decide to go their own ways. Why? Who decided this? What made them decide it?
Prinstimon chapter 7 . 1/30/2015
Im pretty excited to find out what happened to Ryanne :D There is no way that Zumi gave her powers right? Because I thought that they rach already had their own unique powers .
Prinstimon chapter 6 . 1/27/2015
It looks like they are finally developing their powers :D I wonder if they'll be similar to the the characters at the beginning or if they will each develop the power in a unique way do I put this... aligns with their character or personality. Im enjoying the added tension put between their friendships even though it is relatively new.

The ability to see behind your head is pretty interesting and Azumi'sAzumi's power reminds me of the force from star wars so she better be the most epic character :P although I will settle for Ryanne getting the coolest power.
Prinstimon chapter 4 . 1/26/2015
Nice work with the updates. Glad to see that all the girls are best friends now. I personally love how Gina cannot believe that she's made a group of best friends that quickly...It has a kind of anime - is ring to it ( they way the characters were so accepting of each other and willing to integrate them into their respective social circles). I am now eagerly awaiting when the suspense and the drama kicks in :D
Prinstimon chapter 3 . 1/25/2015
Great chapter. I loved how Carmen implied that she did not want them going with her yet they went anyway. This might be asking for a spoiler but they aren't the same people as in the first chapter are they? It appears as if they have vaguely similar powers so I was wondering if they were the children of the Ronnie, Jane etc.
Prinstimon chapter 2 . 1/23/2015
You updated this really quickly since my last review :D I'm liking the patient build-up towards their new schools and, so far, I think that Ryanne is my favorite character.
Prinstimon chapter 1 . 1/23/2015
Thanks for for posting this:)
They all have very interesting powers and they are all potentially ridiculously overpowered in their own right. YourYour decisions on the powers themselves were quite creative and their emphasis on a certain sense within the girls was a nice touch.

I look forward to future installments within this story :D