Reviews for Realm of Dreams
Woedin chapter 1 . 2/8/2015
Hmmm? The red pill, or the blue pill. I'm not yet wise enough to know if all existence is mere illusion. Our pain can feel real enough, and does, though I'm willing to entertain the concept. Because I do believe there is more to us then the physical self. I actually have no doubt of it for reasons I wont go into. There is something ethereal in us that is not mortal, although I think many do not perceive it, and are unaware. I am curious though, "was it only the movie Lucy", or have you been able to take that step back from yourself, and observe the shell? It's not an easy thing to achieve in life, even with study, and discipline. Might this have been the true inspiration of your offering, and you thought it only a dream? "astral projection". It's very intriguing, and you did make me think with this poem, so I thank you for the thought provoking read.