Reviews for Stone
pluffy chapter 8 . 10/8/2015
I really loved it! You had me rooting for him to realize to adopted, I was really saying it in forms to the laptop, only problem, is that I wished you would give a more human characteristic to the nuns

later on, though mostly the main one-you know like a stern treacher but in nun form( /Main/SternTeacher) mixed in with jerk with heart of gold(I don't think that one needs a link to explain it), though sorry-it's mostly I prefer stories not just to make the object mean, also mixed in that I get deeper feels on characters and stuff, also-I kinda think "the not running" thing made sense, one other thing on the nun thing-I thought it was kinda

paranoid that he though their would go further on hitting him, though don't get me wrong-while it did make sense to think he steal food, but corporal punishment is wrong.

Also with Caelius always calling him father, it seemed kinda odd for him to turn to calling him papa.

Don't get me wrong-I really loved the story, in fact while I'm tired but when I done also doing something i was doing, when I was done I chose to stay up to read it(though with some side thing for fun)( please don't be offended-I normally do two things at once)

Also I kinda like to think that do to being raised in a church that he grow to be Catholic-He seemed more interested but not specially religious/or per say fully understanding the religion, but I do think he soon become Catholic.

Also you gotten me to care for Father Marques(my favorite character) and Caelius,

um one other thing:Father Marques seemed so kind hearted, so when you said he had a harded heart, it caught me totally off guard, though you could also say he hadn't felt specially compassion?

Also a few times in the story, you slipped into first person view-don't really I notice a lot of people do it sometimes, I guess it's prefed way many writers you know write.
Myra chapter 2 . 5/15/2015
This is getting interesting so far! When does it take place, and where?