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rog chapter 97 . 10/16
great wonderful story
Guest chapter 1 . 10/11
k chapter 90 . 8/22
i really like the not-romance-not-friendship thing landar and cato have currently. like a qpr. im very aro and This Vibes
k chapter 88 . 8/22
noooo minmay i was starting to really like you
TheFightingLegend chapter 127 . 7/13
Good to see you're still alive and back at it! In my opinion, this is way better than Dr. Stone, but I've been reading this for years.
JohnAxios chapter 125 . 4/21
Created an account on this site just to Favourite and Follow your story. You have created something absolutely wonderful and I cannot thank you enough. The world and characters you created are all so interesting and story writing is bloody amazing! I look forward to you’re updates and the continuation of the amazing world you created.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/19
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Proll chapter 4 . 8/22/2020
We don't care about the cuteness of the things we eat either.
Bigreader chapter 4 . 8/15/2020
obviously he's never been a farmer I had a grandma who is a farmer and she would totally understood that cat girls knowledge of eating something that's cute she used to cook bunny rabbits and called it fried Chicken
Bigreader chapter 3 . 8/15/2020
I find it a little hard to believe that the villagers never noticed that graboids I mean tremors followed the vibration of movement and sound since they've been eaten by them so many times.
starredtrek chapter 126 . 12/26/2019
1. Yay, update!

B. Boo, not talks with the creepy sacrifice people!
starredtrek chapter 125 . 11/23/2019

Good update, looking forward to WTF the red robed people are doing...

Typing that reminds me of mother of learning. Which is a compliment!
Treviisolion chapter 43 . 11/5/2019
In response to the author’s question. First prioritize farming, implemented among 100,000 people even a reduction in a few percentage of people farming would result in a few thousand extra people who would be perfect for hiring to work on new projects. Second, the compulsory education and Mana Tax, that is likely to greatly benefit the farmers and help the farming revolution even further, not to mention give the newly unemployed at least some source of income if nothing else. Third the financial reform is going to be necessary in the long term for helping the economy keep up with the industrialization, and with how slowly it will have to be implemented to not screw everything up (Cato may be an old man before fiat currency can be safely implemented) that should be started right away. I’d also work on the printing press, but I’d find a merchant I’m willing to work with and give them the schematics for it with the promise to help if politics comes into play or for Cato to help if they run into technical problems. The device is simple enough in concept that it should be able to be created without too much intervention once someone with enough capital understands the concept and the financial opportunities. No need to spend money or much time on it, but it will be good to have later on, in particular to spread the steelmaking concepts far and wide so that by the time we’re ready for heavy industry there will already be a healthy steel industry to support it throughout the kingdom. The bowguns are fascinating, but now that they are out in the world, they are likely to spread by themselves and be improved automatically by the market, especially if the mana tax starts to become commonplace along with steelmaking which would mean any well-off peasant could order a bowgun and create his own ammo. If possible, encourage the nobles to train peasants into armies to fight and hopefully eradicate the zombies (assuming the zombies don’t mutate in response and become more fearsome, in which case hopefully by then an industry to support the development of industrial warfare will hopefully be in place), this should also hopefully help the peasants gain power peacefully instead of descending the country into civil war which would be detrimental to future plans. Once the mana tax and education has been made self-sufficient then focus on experimentation, likely of magical nature, but subject to current situations and Cato’s own preference, but him knowing some fundamentals of how magic work would likely open up a lot more opportunities and ideas. Once the farming revolution is completed then they can work on implementing the Industrial Revolution, with the standardized units, basic education, essential regulations, and other requirements being completed as needed. Hopefully by this time the financial reforms will begin to bear fruit, and much of the later industrialization can be undertaken by some of the companies and corporations that spring up, with Cato just selling off documentations to the couple highest bidders. And then of course the industrialization will spread naturally and the bigger problems will be modernizing the elite to deal with the new society and prevent the corporations from getting too powerful.
Kyle chapter 2 . 10/15/2019
So what does this have to do with technology uplifting? It was linked in a forum about it.
starredtrek chapter 124 . 9/23/2019
So the Aztecs were on to something, hmmmmm
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