Reviews for Rainbow Gravity
Virtuella chapter 1 . 4/17/2015
This is lovely. I really enjoyed the vivid imagery of the colours and gems. The feel of the poem is very dynamic, largely due to verbs like accelerate, plunge, soaring. I like it that it remains ambivalent whether this vigour is ultimately positive (as suggested by words like free, fulfillment, wonder, create) or negative (shattering, torn asunder, locked, attempt to escape). I think the line "even through the deepest midnight you will find me" supports an optimistic reading of the poem. I like it very much.
lookingwest chapter 1 . 4/2/2015
Ah, I really like the imagery of a sunset or almost like, a desert that you use in this because I get this image of someone fading off into a sunset, but at the same time, they're running from something. So, sense of narration and character. Liked how you evoked that through likes like "crimson rubies" and "goldenrods of the sky" and "through the dusk." The other thing I liked was using a frame with all the different precious gems mentioned - like the ruby line I pointed out, and then the "emerald isles" and "endless azure" and "shattering amethyst" - each color contributing of course, to your title.

For some reason I also get an outer space vibe from this too that I really liked, haha. Probably because of "deepest midnight" and being locked in a "spectrum of light, so weightless, so free" - I like that there isn't a period finishing that line. It's interesting because you use commas but no periods, so it's like this should read as one sentence, since the first word starts with a capital letter, but then since there's no period at the end I think that speaks to the last word "free" in just a visual way, too. It's not a verse / stanza that's closed in in any way.

Some great imagery here! Thanks for the read!