Reviews for Breaking Brent
Lady SeeGard chapter 1 . 7/4/2015
Isn't Vera devilish setting up such a plan? LOL.
Kaleb was a jerk for sure, but can't blame them, who hadn't been there? Having a jerk in your life and just accepting it for inertia or not to feel alone, pretending you don't see his flaws - which in this case, seems where many, LOL.
In the end he got what he deserved :D Funny story!
Savannah Singleton chapter 1 . 4/6/2015
Wow! You worked in several things there. Jerks, insecure dudes, domestic violence, stupid rules...

Not too sure about Vera. She dates a guy for three years and doesn't realize what a complete, utter asshole he is? And then she schemes to attract the next boyfriend? Tough cookie at the end, though. I'll give her credit for that! That was quite a grip she had on the dude!

I've had an idea in my head for a new story since finishing the last one that deals somewhat with the same subject of dating ex boyfriends of friends, so I've been giving it serious thought lately. I would have a hard time with it, I think, for several reasons, but mostly the sex part - not worrying about measuring up, but not wanting what she's already had, sort of thing. But that's just me.
DianyRdz chapter 1 . 3/31/2015
Ok, so to begin great story Dill!(: Like I totally click and understand Brent, I could never date the ex of a friend of mine, just no, its against girl code! Just not something I do, have done or have ever thought of doing. Maybe if my situation was like Brent’s and I had someone like Vera (the guy version) showing me the way then maybe I would be considering it.

Anyway, back to the review I love how Vera is the “stronger” character in this and how Brent even though he is the guy, he is the one that needs coaxing into the relationship. Like I said, I totally see and understand how he would be totally oblivious to the fact that Vera, being the ex of a ‘friend”, would be interested in him. I love love love how she was able to spin things her way and use the little “ooops moment” to her advantage and indirectly date Brent without him actually realizing it. He might have had an idea of what was happening but I think the whole “it’s my friend’s ex” thing had quite the hold on him who prevented him from actually thinking or looking too much into the whole prospect of Vera actually dating him. Then, OMG! Kaleb had the audacity to not only come back but to actually think that Vera would just welcome him back, just like that? I mean in a way I sort of see why he would think that but then its all blurred by better judgement on my part so no, sorry, Kaleb’s assumption is moot. It seems bad because it is a serious and not at all funny issue but I totally lol’d (Yea, I got funny looks but then again the office people are used to my behavior so no worries) at how the only way Vera had to defend herself was to hurt him in the testicles. Love how Vera and Brent were able to be together and be perfectly fine in the end, showing that the least expected person, the person in front of you (or beside of you being that Brent was always “Kaleb’s sidekick like Vera said), would be the right person all along. Great story again and totally look forward to your next one!