Reviews for The Scout
LDF chapter 1 . 4/29/2015
[So did the undead, which was a bit comforting to Nicole. The infected were always easy to hear, not that she had any prior experience. Vids had supported her with everything she could hope to know about these things.]

'she heard that they were easy to hear' is better than saying she's totally confident she can hear them coming, then admitting she hasn't ever seen one and is relying on secondhand information.

[It was a cozy little place. Probably the home of at least four or five generations. The furniture reflected this especially; nothing looked recently made or purchased. A lot of old portraits hung on the wall, and the fixtures in the ceilings were probably as old as the house itself. For a moment, Nicole felt like she had walked back in time.]

There are a lot of nice details in this story, mainly how she goes about introducing herself and what she sees around her. It's just that this part bugged me a bit. If the grass reaches halfway up her body, and the house she's looking at is in such disrepair, the house should be swallowed in foliage. There wouldn't really be much for her to see inside, and using the description that the furniture didn't look new because it's been lived in is kinda silly when the house is falling apart. If the furniture had been new, it's really hard to tell at this point.

Most of the issues in this chapter are based on how well-kept the house is despite it being claimed by the elements. Regardless of this, I really like the details. Good job!
karama chapter 1 . 4/16/2015
Omg this is really good :) please continue