Reviews for Fabrications
lunarchroniclesandcockatiels chapter 1 . 6/2/2016
Seriously though! This is so true!
Red chapter 1 . 5/29/2015
Yes! Amazing rant! And oh so true! I agree wholeheartedly. My parents never made me believe in Santa.
Shellie chapter 1 . 5/18/2015
Hi Brievel, :-)

I really agree with you here. I just love the idea of Santa, though, and the innocence of that belief. 'Cause, kids, y'know? I was kinda heart-broken (like most kids, I guess), when the deception was stopped. I must have been around 10. At the same time, I think that the sort of end-of-an era feeling lead me to never quite trust my parents again - not in the same, unquestioning way as a young child does - I'm 16 now, so ...

I would posit that it's adults' yearning for their own childhoods that propagates this belief - plus, it's the "done thing". Santa is especially inescapable nowadays, because of the media. (Thinking of those rather horrific Santa Claus films in particular!)

Our modern-day Father Christmas / Santa figure evolved out of earlier pagan deity, now also associated with Saint Nicholas. (Sinterklaas in Dutch - hence "Santa Claus"). It's a beautiful idea to stop being awful to one another, even if it is just for twelve days - I concur that it's a pity Santa takes all the credit for stressed-out parents and their feverish musing on their childrens' wishes. If nothing else, being present while kids tell Santa what they want for Christmas is a damn clever way of figuring out what they fancy!

To be honest, I saw "The Rise of the Guardians", and, as someone who's never visited the US, I didn't get a lot of it. The tooth fairy, yeah. Jack Frost, only as an expression. Sandman and the Easter Bunny, never heard of outside of US media - again, American Santa Claus films. :-) It's not that we have a deprived life over here in Ireland - we celebrated Easter and all (my parents being devout Catholics - hence, my private atheism [well, I just told the internet :-)]), but I knew where the eggs came from. (And knew where they'd been - in the spare room - for the entire duration of Lent ... #longing) :-)

It's all a little materialistic these days - not so much in Ireland really (though it's getting worse), but in the US and the UK, Western Europe in general. I on't really like that. :-( Not really in the spirit of the thing. Most of the Christmas presents I got down the years, unless they were books, I couldn't tell you where they are now. I was the child who got "The Science of Christmas" for her 7th Christmas. Still on my bookshelves, I have to say.

If I have children, then I'd most likely keep up the make-believe; it's sweet (in more ways than one :-) ), it saves kids from worrying about money (I was this kid, even though we weren't in trouble or anything), AND, most importantly (if I'm being cynical), it gives them one less thing to throw at you in adolesence - "All the other kids had Santa!".

Even though I'm an infidel (:-)), I do get brought along to mass, probably in an attempt to re-convert me, so I have a lot of respect for the theological side of things. I had it rammed down my throat as a child, and yet I can still see that it carries a wonderful message, if only people would cop on more to the "Love your neighbour [European Spelling] as yourself" bits, and less of the Leviticus. Oh well, this is getting disgressive (?), basically what I'm trying say is tat I get where you're coming from re. religion.

I'm glad I had Santa, even if the magic only lasted for a little while. 3

:-) Shellie