Reviews for The Ring of Heaven
DianyRdz chapter 1 . 5/20/2015
Ok so this is seriously one of the sweetest mystery stories I've read in forever ago! Love the concept of this story and totally love the irony of how she never gave Jed the time of day and then she ended up depending on him to be able to move on. Like normally I say say it's crazy the things girls will do when they feel threatened by a girl who is after the same guy but going as far as to kill someone... No, I don't believe I've met the guy (and even if I ever do) that I would literally "kill for", just not happening!
Loved the whole "heaven is for real" kind of vibe although instead of seeing God, Jed saw someone he would be able to help that was stuck in limbo. He is quite smart in deducing that most people would think he was a whack job for spilling about how he talked to Evon during his brief moment and how she was killed. Sad but unfortunately, many people will not take things like that lightly and will be quick to assume things that aren't for whatever reasons.
Loved how in the end while he didn't get the girl he liked, it seemed he got a girl that even though it was the sister of the girl he liked, and it would sort of feel like he was settling for her, it wasn't. Like don't get me wrong, Evon was a great person but between her and Emily, Emily would come out on top as the "better person". Evon was the popular it girl who let her shallowness get in the way of a lot of things, not necessarily a bad thing but not a good thing either. While Emily was quiet and humble and she didn't really assume that Jed was "semi good" or was weird bc he liked her or anything of the sort. And maybe it was a circumstance of the situation that made Emily like that but either way...
Carrie, like dude have you not seen movies or read books? If you ever commit something like that, NEVER take something that could link you to the crime! No matter how easy it looks or how much you think you will not get caught and get away with it, never keep anything! Like if she had taken the ring and then sold it maybe it would have been ok but keeping the thing, like really? And then actually admitting that she did it for both her and Aaron, like girl please! Like I said, yet to meet the guy to make me want to kill someone for and even if I do, I'm not that far off gone to actually consider killing someone.
All in all, very sweet and cute little story that I totally enjoyed reading! Totally read while I was making my morning calls (in between calls of course) and I just couldn't stop. #readingaddictprobs
Anyway, till the next story Dill!(: