Reviews for A Wolf's Bane
Emoddess chapter 5 . 6/16
Hi hi hiiii I am here to review the latest chapter! OMG. Before I get into it, I wanna say that I LOVE your descriptions, words, imagery and basically the entire craft of this story and plot so far. So, I really really like how you write what's happening in Karin's POV, and oh my, that night when Karin overheard a conversation by someone in Chapter 3 (if I'm not mistaken) seems so long ago (like a few days or a week) but it was actually yesterday? So...Lloyd came back last night but only the following day did he decided to show up. Yeah, he's definitely up to something. And LOL I cannot xD:

"It became apparent within the first few minutes of Lloyd talking that the time he spent away from the island did absolutely nothing to make him into a better person." HAHAHA I cracked up at that. Yeah, it was oh so very clear that Lloyd didn't take those times away from the pack to reflect on himself lol.

And oh gosssh I love how you described Lloyd in this - he fits the kind of guy I imagined hahaha - and oohh so Karin is tall, but he towers both Radley and her? Dannng. I especially love the contradictions and well, comparisons you made by comparing him with the antagonists in every novel to him, and how unlike all those black clad villains, he was very flowery and flashy hahah. Radley threw that shade of the reason why he came back was because he couldn't find a human job sounded like a childish bicker between two cousins who just loves to get under each other's nerves lol but that insult was good hahaha especially since Lloyd seem to think he's above humans since werewolves are superior blah blah blah xD

Also...OMG. So Rose and Lloyd were close friends since way before...and way before Radley and her got bethrothed? This is a new information, alright and I'm just as surprised as Karin was :O
I mean...WHAT? I couldn't imagine it before hahah. Huh, and then he acted like he is besties with Radley when everyone in the know knows to be careful around Lloyd. Still, he tries be a mannered boy in front of his elders, I'll give him that. Also another information which took me off guard...LLOYD AND RADLEY WERE SUPER CLOSE BACK THEN? :O
Wow...and to think that the current Lloyd is a jerk. I wonder if he was much better then especially since he's got Radley being in awe of him. Karin sure is just as shocked as finding this out. Also, I like how Karin has been analysing what Lloyd's possible motive is and she kept finding out possible reasons when it came to him which shows that she's a careful and cautious girl when dealing with Lloyd. Like, people always say, "You're reading too much into him," but in Lloyd's case, she has a reason to do that.

HAHAH I SPOT HIS INSUFFERABLE GRIN! He's really getting into his villainous character and whatta hell did he just outed Rose like that? I, just how much does Lloyd knows? And now I'm thinking, because Lloyd claims that he and Rose are close, that could also mean that he may have been getting news about their packs or town and especially regarding Radley, from her. Also...I had a brief thought of like, wait...he wanted to sabotage the ritual? Would he do that to his close friend? But then he was all offended (which really surprised me again) because he would never. Basically, in this chapter, Karin is me lol because all of her reactions so far are pretty much similar as mine hahah.

Oooh I love this sentence: "Karin didn't like how Radley's ire harshened everything about him and made him look like an entirely different person." That shows how much Karin has been really noticing things about Radley and it's so different than the Radley she knew, that she's thrown off guard.

DAMN LLOYD SURE DO LOVE EGGING HIS COUSIN ON, DOESN'T HE? And yes Karin tell him to shut up because he was definitely looking for a fight IN HER SHOP. So ahhh Karin should have left yet I understand the worry she felt for her childhood friend...ahem. Sorry, I mean NEIGHBOUR and so she decided to protect Radley and basically stop the fight - also, from them incurring damages to her flower shop. I like the little explanation about Wolfsbane - which fits perfectly considering the guys are wolves and that plant is the bane of their existence since it could do more harm to them. When she whistled and it stopped them momentarily but OMG LLOYD QUICKLY REGAINED HIS SENSES (or did he? I mean he freaking did this thing next - ) BUT DAMN HE HURT KARIN. LLOYD (still waiting for his middle name and also hmm...his last name should be Baines, right?) HOW DARE U?

But then. THEN. Ho mai goshhh a sudden statement of confession came from 'Radley' and it shocked not only Karin but also Lloyd! I like how they both caught on the things they have been thinking about like Karin obviously feels some sort of attraction towards her neighbour and that little statement heightens her attention. And then Lloyd was always about how werewolves are superior and I think there's some deep issues between Radley and him that makes him bitter that he didn't defend or side with Lloyd or something idk but anyways, he definitely caught on that 'my human' part...because...well, he thought he's dealing with Radley instead of Rad's wolf, Fenris. Dang it, Fenris. He chose that moment to come up, but he also explained why he did and well...good job explaining and tying things together, Nix! I barely have any confusion in this chapter which is great. I do feel curious about some things that has been brought up which is great too because the story is developing well.

But omg Fenris basically taking over Radley and yeah, like Lloyd said...he's talkative (I can't really blame him since Radley has been trying to shut his wolf out) BUT YO...I HAVE BEEN SURPRISED A LOT IN THIS CHAPTER AND THIS ONE MAY HAVE DONE IT.

DID LLOYD JUST HAVE A CIVIL CONVERSATION WITH KARIN? I know my girl Karin is surprised by Lloyd's change of character too since he was just moments earlier being destructive and threatening :O

Still...I do like the explanations he bothered to tell her. It makes me feel like Lloyd has a chance to redeem himself...but surely it will take a long, long while because he's still a massive jerk.

I LAUGHED AT THIS THOUGH: "Their inner wolf supposedly acted like a second conscience and Karin couldn't help but think that Lloyd's inner wolf did the lousiest of jobs if Lloyd had a second conscience and yet chose to be mean-spirited." It was very funny yet, true though. One thing's for sure, Lloyd is unpredictable in this chapter, and I like it because his character too is progressing.

But...OH NO. That explanation about Radley and how after Full Moon, he'll remain in wolf form forever...okay, now this is worrying! What will happened to Radley? AND OMG just what did Fenris mean about the brown rabbit incident with Karin when Radley and Karin were kids? :O

I'm looking forward to know more about this and them and ahhhh I sure hope there's a way for Radley to return to his human form and be able to shift between his forms even after Full Moon.

You did an awesome job in this chapter, Nix, and I was overcome with emotions especially when Lloyd freaking pinned Karin, and oh gosh when you expect Radley to help her, but instead he's locked away in his soul and Fenris surfaced...totally didn't see that coming. Your writing is wonderful and i enjoyed this chapter as well. Keep up the excellent work and can't wait for the next one whenever you have it up! :)
Emoddess chapter 4 . 3/27
First thought? "YAY YAY YAY NEW CHAPTER!"

So I like how you opened Chapter 4 with a scene of Radley's mum checking up on him and then the mentioning of the pact terms! And then the thing that made me chuckle was when Radley was putting up with the petty and snide remarks from his wolf, Fenris.

Fenris: "You'll never be ready for the alliance, no matter how much time you're given."
Radley: "Oh, good morning to you too."

Such a funny banter hahahaha like Radley was too used to Fenris' bitter self that he's immune to his sudden appearances. But damn, Fenris did rub more salt on Radley's wound or worry when he mentioned about shape shifting. So Radley really hasn't shape shift yet, huh? No one's seen him done that too so I guess that's why he's worried about it during the ritual. I love the description of Grandmother Winona braiding Amaris' hair, that image is very heartwarming, and I also really like that Amaris brightens everyone's day up just by being the sunshine she is. Also, she is really Karin's number one advocator, like Karin is Amaris' champion, you know? Besides Radley xD

And the introduction of many characters, I can see now that you introduced a lot of them, but somehow it doesn't feel overwhelming too, you know? I CRACKED UP HAHAHAH WHEN RADLEY WAS TRYING TO SMOOTH UP MEETING ROSE'S PARENTS BUT HER DAD WAS LIKE, "Yeah try harder to impress me, boy."

I really, really like the small conversation Radley and Rose had too! When she was like, "You should be more wary about my mum" and he was like, "Are you kidding me? He's SO much more scarier!" hahahah she said to just win him over by fishing, but Radley you didn't seem to believe that, did you?

BUT MY FAVOURITE! "Eager, are we?" HAHAHAH OMGGGG RADLEY. ROSE'S DAD IS DEFINITELY ONTO YOU NOW. But at least it was a relief knowing that they are not expecting the bloodline to expand so soon. Rose was equally funny and easy to like too when she teases him more. Damn, they all do love teasing him, huh? xD

I wondered too what Grandmother Claudine and Aunt Imogen was doing there since they were not actively participating in the discussion. Also, I think you mentioned something about Imogen before and that she has a son (LLOYD AJSKJKAD). Things are being more cleared up as I read it! It's nice to see Radley's and Rose's parents just drawing up the pact terms for the betterment of their packs, but then at the mention of "witch" G. Claudine and A. Imogen was all like, "she cursed her with that disability" and stuff and I'm just glad Tala defended her daughter from being slandered by them. But then, the left and I'm...good riddance? Lol. No space for the bitters!

The Spirit Moon National Park where I think the wolves will do most of their recreational activities, beside the flooding of tourists, right? Seems like a hotspot for wolf gathering!

The moment I saw Mason and Dahlia even breathing in the same space, I was like "YESSSSSS! MY OTHER SHIP LOL" and awww very, very cute indeed that Dahlia's siblings are named after the flowers they were carrying. Oh my gosh, so I now see it clearly that Rose and Dahlia are related because of your description of Dahlia taking after their mother, and Rose after their dad :O

Rose, Dahlia, Calla (calla lily), and Wisteria! Awww 3

You know what I love? That Mason (freaking hot dude askjaldjaljs) has a soft smile because he's amused at the girls' antics, that Radley didn't think Dahlia (gorgeous as heckle) had it in her to be stern, and that Mason was accepting flowers and dahlias in to his arms from DAHLIA herself ;D Like..."here, take a piece of me whenever you go training" and she hands him the dahlias hahaha I need to chill.



"Lloyd combed back his windswept hair with his fingers before pushing his sunglasses up on top of his head." GET A LOAD OF THIS HOTSTUFF LOL.

He reminds me of the frat boy, tanned with khakis and those who go on yachts on summer break because they're too cool for anything else (oh yeah, other than annoying their "favourite cousin") - definitely watched too many movies with this elements hahah but anyway, WOW only the first time appearing and he's already being a pain in the arse. HoW daRE yOU MAKE KARIN FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE AND RADLEY PISSED OFF THAT HE WANNA HIDE HER AWAY FROM YOU.

I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, LLOYD. "Lloyd's gaze flickered to Karin, and he eyed her from head to toe" [scandalous gasp] THE AUDACITY. *shakes fist* He's so...unashamedly brazen wow.

But OMG I didn't know that they could both hear her heart pounding ahhhh so really he's just enjoying making her super uncomfortable and he knows it too smh. This is a very nice information to store away because I didn't know this AT ALL. Wow, just goes to say how an a-hole Lloyd is and I'm pretty sure he hasn't gone to his full potential.

"Why so stiff, witch?" Lloyd laughed. "I'm just joking. We go way back you know?" WOW WHAT A WAY TO RUB SALT INTO THE WOUND AAHHH I'M OFFENDED ON KARIN'S BEHALF BECAUSE HE'S INSUFFERABLE.

This reminds me that I know something went down with Karin's family and Lloyd's and I think it's mentioned before but I'm not sure: Is Damien's older brother, Lloyd's father? That makes absolute sense then.



He LEGIT just insulted Radley because they know Radley hasn't shifted into his wolf form, right? I mean I don't know how much Lloyd or his extended family knows, but it feels like it.

AND UGH. "Believe it or not, I'm returning home, and I'm here to stay for good." UM YOU CANNOT? PLEASE GO BACK?


Karin and Radley are uneasy for sure and I wonder how things will be for them in the next chapters. Especially Karin since Lloyd wronged her and her family, right?

Okay so I know my thoughts and excitement are all everywhere hahaha but I will try to list some that caught my humour/attention/affection:


2. Omg his family calls Amaris "Little Moon"! That's so sweet and endearing 333


4. WOW. Yeah Rose didn't mention to Radley about Lloyd coming back and you know, I would be a bit irritated as well because you could have and possibly prepare Radley/Karin when they meet him, but also their minds were completely on different matters, so I get it.

5. The fact that Meredith wanna help Amaris on a cure but her mum was like, "We just want access to her treatment, and nothing more". They know that there's no cure for it. Even Karin implied the same thing, however Radley trying to keep up the positive outlook despite the way things are is worthy to be noted. He's trying to think of better ways to help his sister which is amazing nonetheless. Applause for them for wanting Amaris to stay and grow in the place and nature she has been born in, and love. Plus, if she move to the city, she won't get to see Karin...also, isn't Amaris the bridge of communication between Karin and Radley? These two are so adorably awkward lol but I wonder what went down that make them a bit hesitant with one another too.

6. I'm sorry, I'm just a bit confused with the Bitten part. So Bitten means getting bit by their partner and by using the chemical or cure the Evergreen family has cultivated, it means the wolf are supressed? Is that it or could you please explain more for this heheh .


Karin: "Why do you care all of a sudden?"
Radley: "What do you mean? I never st -"

"I NEVER STOPPED CARING" that's what I hear ;)

Phew. I feel exhausted expressing my feels and thoughts on this hehehe but I absolutely love this chapter! Keep it up, I cannot wait for the next, and please stay safe and healthy during this trying times as well!
Emoddess chapter 3 . 9/24/2019
I like this chapter! The conversation, love, and affection Karin and Mum has for each other was so lovely and sweet. Also, that whistle idea! I like how only the wolves can hear it, but not her. So it's like she's blowing out inaudible air haha, but it's deadly as it's designed to rattle the wolves (or keep them away from her). I do wonder who are the wolves, especially the guy since she thought it sounded familiar. My first bet was Rose and Radley but then he showed up and I didn't think he would have that secret meeting, especially since he didn't seem like someone who would growl impatiently (or to admonish them when he was speaking)... then again, this is just the 3rd chapter and maybe you might have some surprises from them :O
And seeing as she didn't recognise the she-wolf, I'm glad it wasn't Rose! She's too sweet to scheme. But, hold on. What if it's Lloyd or Mason? I hope it isn't going to be Mason - not too sure on Lloyd, though.
I like how when Amara didn't feel well (oh no :/) Radley straight away went to Karin because he knew how close they are and well, he definitely trust her more during these times. Radley's concern for her was really nice and though she lied, I would have thought he would know right away since they were close - then again, maybe he did but didn't wanna call her out on it?
I wonder what the next one will be! Keep it up :D
Emoddess chapter 2 . 8/26/2019
Chapter 2 is finally here! So, I LOVE this entire bit about Radley's family history and the origin of their lines and Radley's oddity in the connection with his inner wolf.

At first, when I saw that Radley is meeting Rose, his betrothed, I admit to feeling slightly disappointed at the fact that Radley is already bethrothed and even more so mad that ROSE IS A COMPLETE SWEETHEART. Their names are lovely and ugh if I didn't already ship Karin with him, I would even think that Rose and Radley would make a cute couple. Takes away my chance to get annoyed at her haha. I was a bit disappointed but I wasn't completely bitter about them. Like, even though I ship Karin with Radley, Rose is a sweet girl and I wondered how these three people's stories will shift together (pardon the pun), and will I, as a reader, get what I want from them? ;)

So many questions within me that was instantly answered as I kept reading this chapter. To how Rose and Radley's relationships are more to close friends or even relatives, rather than intimate. At this part, I did feel relieved hehe. You managed to answer my questions nicely, and these information did not feel like it was dumped too much for me to absorbed, so that was excellent. Also, Rose's reason was great, and it made me taken aback in a wonderful way because I DID NOT EXPECT THAT AT ALL OF HER, so this is a wonderful twist of information on her.

There's this part about Lloyld that I suppose, would have been better for me if he did make an appearance in the first chapter, even as a passing character's name, but it's not too bothering to know about him now. I must admit, it's making me curious to know who this Lloyld person is, whom I know to be as Radley's older cousin. Like, how is his character and will he be involved in Radley's life more?

Also, the language that sounded gibberish to both Radley and Rose, I thought that was an interesting and cool idea, to show how different they sounded to each other, and only the true mate will know how to decode their inner Wolf's name. I wonder if that's going to be part of the language of the wolf, or that's just how it sounded like to each other's ears? xD
And that name, Mason or Maza, I also like that one!

I especially love the camaraderie between Radley and Rose, seeing how they joked and were being so comfortable with each other, and it shows. At first, I did thought it a little odd (it's just me, probably), because for two bethrothed, I would think that they would be a little lovey-dovey, but they exchange was very laidback like friends, and I found out the reason why.

Overall, I really, really like this chapter! Your sentences are worded nicely, your descriptions were very easy to imagine and everything flows well, without it seeming too much.

And that tease from Rose to Radley about Karin, hahahaha. Can't wait to know how these characters' relationship progress. I'm liking Rose already, and I wonder if she'll meet another she-wolf who would be her match or mate in the story too. Also, I hope she'll appear more in the story, she'd make an excellent wing-woman to Karin for Radley who is shy with his feelings haha.

Keep it up! :D
Emoddess chapter 1 . 8/8/2019
I refrained myself from reading the reviews haha so this review is based on my thoughts on this revised version. I thought this story is very interesting in terms of first, how a spell is actually in the form of haiku, which I don't think I have read any other stories that has that element, so yay that's good! Second, wow I like Karin's character. She's thoughtful, sweet, kind and the time she spent with Radley's sister, Amaris also shows how much she adore the girl, despite not often being on friendly grounds with Radley. I can also imagine the scenes from how you describe them, for example when at first she was just relaxing and pouring water on the seeds, prompting them to grow. That one is one of the things that I like about this chapter.

Even though he appeared on the second half of this chapter if I'm not mistaken, I like that I can already gauge what Radley's character is. He is a very responsible and reliable big brother yet he's also full of love for his family. And I especially like that memory of when Karin and him were playing with the wand and how he played a prank on her - which it seemed like besides her, he had also thought of that when he mentioned it. Also, what's with that wink, Radley? *heart eyes* I'm starting to ship Karin and Radley now.

I'd love to see how this story play out, and even moments when they spent time together back when they were close and how their relationship progress in the present. Keep it up! :D
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 13 . 10/6/2017
Okay, that was unexpected too. Both of them had secret twins, huh? Wonder what's up with that. My best guess before this chapter was that Sumi was like an image made by Karin's mom from the future and sent back in time but I don't know why I thought that.

Definitely not too late or too random! Especially in the case of Radley and Fenris, because there were lots of little hints that something was off there. I didn't pick up on any (until the actual chapter with Sumi in it of course) in the case of Karin, but I don't think it's a bad thing. It might not hurt to go back and edit and put in more hints, but I wouldn't say it's too random without it either.
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 12 . 10/6/2017
Wow, that's quite a twist! I really wasn't expecting that at all, but it explains a lot. ...Okay wow that really changes a lot about where I thought the story was going, now I don't know what to expect. The biggest question is, now that Radley and Fenris have an idea of what's going on, will that change their relationship at all?

(PS I'm really sorry I haven't replied to you or reviewed you in like forever... I'm catching up, I swear!)
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 11 . 8/13/2017
That flashback was creepy. I can't imagine healing a bunny just to see your friend murder it. (Reminds me of a story someone told me; they had pet bunnies but they were moving and gave the bunnies to their neighbors. Later they found out the neighbors killed the rabbits for meat... that story has forever made me terrified of leaving my pets with pet-sitters. Anyway sorry for that tangent.) T_T and Sumi is interesting; I'm assuming she's not exactly imaginary so I'm curious about who she is and what really happened.

And the non-dream part was sad... it's especially harsh that she's not fully explaining anything to Karin... Maybe she's afraid if Karin knows more information it will put Karin in more danger... but still, leaving on less-than-ideal terms like that just makes it all the more sad and scary.

It's good Mason's okay, but besides that it was a very upsetting chapter! Hurry and write more to ease my pain (unless it gets worse... then don't write anymore...)... jk. :p
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 10 . 6/7/2017
Soo I thought of some criticism to give but I'm just not sure how to put it into words but it's about the way you arrange clauses sometimes? A lot of your multiclause sentences sound awkward o me but I'm not sure how to describe why but I'll try and pick out a couple of examples and explain how I'd do them.

[At best, he'd probably make it out of town before Radley emerged and then it'd be even more difficult for him to take over once Radley discovered what happened.]

I would say it like

[...and then, once Radley discovered what happened, it would be even more difficult for him to take over.]

[ He was glad that Matsuko didn't use the spell long on them but it seemed like she didn't have to since its effects still lingered.]

I would put like

[but, since its effects still lingered, it seemed she didn't have to]

...Those are the only examples I noticed in this chapter but I think I've seen it in other chapters a bit too.

Anyway, this was a good chapter and though I was a bit thrown off by Fenris's POV at first, it became clear very quickly, so I don't think it was a problem. I kind of liked that it was suddenly his POV without warning since it kind of mirrored the way the transformation probably happened.

I was kind of confused because it said it was forced on the full moon, so does that mean Fenris comes out every full moon...?

I didn't realize how different of a person Fenris was from Radley to the point that he doesn't even care about Radley's family or anything. It's interesting that his constant trolling of Radley actually has a strategic purpose. And hmm... Matsuko doesn't seem to think too highly of Radley. I wouldn't have expected that but I also can't say i blame her for instantly reacting when she sees her daughter hurt.

Anyway, good chapter as usual!
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 9 . 5/13/2017
Oh shit. I wasn't really expecting the conflict to get this intense this fast, and it seems that - as it was hinted at in previous chapters - there are more than 2 sides to the conflict. But it's not quite so clear what each side wants. I like it! And I couldn't really find any mistakes or anything.

I hope Mason is ok; he seems like a nice person and it would be horrible if he died and it was Karin's fault. I feel like she would never forgive herself for something like that, and it certainly wouldn't improve family relations... Hope she's able to recover from whatever the problem is and heal him.

I really liked that the spell for knocking out werewolves is a high pitched sound that only they can hear. IDK it just shows thought put into the magic system to have different spells that are particularly effective against a certain enemies because of an actual weakness they have. As opposed to other Magic systems where there doesn't seem to be much reason for why a certain spell does a certain thing.

Another great chapter; I'm glad you found the time to write it!
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 8 . 3/13/2017
This is a really good story! I like how you kind of slowly build your world starting mostly with what directly affects your characters but hint at the broader world as well without infodumping all at once. Karin, Radley and Amaris all feel life-like. The conflict between them feels real as well, feels like a genuine depiction of a situation that could have countless parallels in real life, where two different groups of people might have a historical or current conflict but end up living as neighbors... for the most part they have nothing personally against each other, but things can be tense and then sometimes things happen to bring those conflicts to the front and center.

Right now, I'm kind of wondering about Matsuko. It seems like she knows some things she's not telling Karin; maybe she has some history with Alan? I'm also wondering about Rose... at first she seemed determined to go through with the bonding ritual for Amaris, but I'm wondering if she let her family discover her secret on purpose... maybe for the sake of freedom, or maybe something more complicated?

Anyway, I hope you find the time to update this one as well, I'm really enjoying it so far.
Raven chapter 1 . 5/21/2015
Nice story idea. A little fluffier than I usually like and expected from the summary, but you have a good concept and it's fairly sweet. Sorry, too lazy to login.
-Raven of Blackbird Crew