Reviews for My Brother's Keeper
DianyRdz chapter 1 . 6/6/2015
This story! Dude you totally brought up that story ("I have some thing to show you", I actually loved that story! Ok, basically I love all of your stories) that I made a reference to in a review a few stories back! Love how all of your stories have something in common or how you are able to make them relate in one way or another!
Now the review! Well age is really nothing but a number when it comes to love! She knew that she and him would end up together, she respected his grieving time because unlike her, he really did lose his wife forever. That respect and that time of waiting for him brings her to a different level of "love". This being said, she loved him and she knew they would end up together, yet she let him figure it out on his own terms/time! She didn't stop living "her life wait for him" and not do anything which is healthy and good (regardless what others may say), she went on with her dating life, with her everyday life while continuing to be in his life because at the end of the day she knew they would be together so yay for that!
Loved how he wouldn't be into it that much (the naked scenes) better said at the awkwardness that he felt yet she would always hint at the whole nude scenes! Ahh, I can imagine him blushing from all of that! The ironic this is, the guy that was suppose to be the "cooler" one, the one that was suppose to be the "better man" (in Luke's pov) was the one that couldn't see the beauty and the art and the expressions/emotions/ideas that the movie was trying to convey while the shy and blushing guy who felt awkward and embarrassed while watching those movies totally got it and was able to see the movie for what it actually stood for! Loved this story and yay for being back to reviewing!
Savannah Singleton chapter 1 . 6/6/2015
Interesting storyline. I was not expecting something like that as her college secret, and certainty understand her wanting to keep it secret, both at the time, and more so now.

Nice that Luke was not bothered by it except that she hadn't shared with him at the time. I imagine several men would have reacted the same as Jason.

Interesting read.