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Guest chapter 1 . 3/18
Are you ever going to continue with this story? It's really good.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/18
Please continue with this book it's so good T_T
Guest chapter 1 . 11/25/2020
Still waiting for this one to update ..hope it comes true
xBlackCat chapter 1 . 12/4/2018
Please Update soon!
I can't take the suspens! 3 3
Guest chapter 18 . 10/7/2018
Please update soon..
Guest chapter 18 . 4/21/2018
Beleth and Taliesin? I ship it.
DaddyLauBourgeois chapter 18 . 3/5/2018
This story is amazing and I would love to see a satyr take a friendly interest it in him. Not as a lover but more of a guardian who knows a love interest in him would never work even if attraction is there. Please update soon these open questions in the story have me captivated :-*
Ryuu chapter 1 . 1/23/2018
When will be there a next update...can't wait for it anymore
xBlackCat chapter 18 . 12/21/2017
More pleeeease! :D
Guest chapter 18 . 11/18/2017
ah beleth, the betrayal is real, still at least he offered a trade I guess,I am concerned that nothing will stop demoymon except his imminent death- or Taliesins death, Taliesin is the poster boy of death or glory at this point seriously, good job bruh, if you want to get beaten within an inch of your life. Do the teachers take interest in taliesin giving his life energy or making trades, like does being a professor mean they don’t trade anymore or are they not allowed to trade with students... I’m assuming if a warlock disrespected them they’d have to do something but what about if the person really needed to ask a question do they just wait until addressed or something this seems like a situation I would be way too obsessive over I’m glad that I’m only reading about it, great story, waiting with baited breath for the next update!
Areptesa chapter 18 . 10/26/2017
...why, why did you do this to me?
'It's a long and complicated story' JUST TELL ME WHY. I HAVE THE TIME. That was cruel. I almost didn't review just to get revenge, but I guess this chapter kind of made it impossible not to... Beleth, what the heck?! I was beginning to trust you! Mistake number one I guess. Also I was honestly expecting Zaebos to just flay poor Taliesin on the spot, I was saying my RIP's, because if the student daemons are dangerous, I don't even want to think about what the professors could do. That begs the question, would the professors get fired for punishing a student as socially expected, I guess it depends on the headmaster, I kind of wonder how much of the social rules we know if the daemons applies to the older ones, do older daemons take human claims to or is the human claim thing more like a sort of practice in slaving humans thing (I'm pretty sure there were slaves mentioned somewhere but I can't quite remember where, I'll find it, eventually). Agramon is going to kill someone. Possibly our beloved protagonist. Also his group of shedim 'friends' concern me, I kind of wanted Taliesin to snap a bit, I understand it would have got him into trouble but I could feel how annoying it was for him to be pushed around like that... As always, great chapter and I can't wait to hear beleths answers!
SmileyfaceGurl chapter 18 . 10/21/2017
I'm lovin this so far. I can't wait to see how things pan out.
Himitsu chapter 1 . 10/16/2017
Author...pls pls update the new chapter

Can't wait anymore
Wouldn't-Hurt-A-Mouse chapter 18 . 9/26/2017
Well... I asked for Beleth, and Beleth I got. Bit messed up, mainly concerned about whether Beleth genuinely thought that this is something Taliesin would majorly enjoy, or if it's something daemons are perhaps told (not that I imagine they would care either way), I kind of wonder what would happen if Taliesin were to truly tell him that he didn't enjoy that kind of treatment. Doubt he'd really change. Always love a mention of Ramelech, he seems happy, though I wonder if daemons mention the life energy he traded to him, like do they ask what he did to receive it.

Hold the phone, can daemons trade soul energy between each other? As in if a shedim just took some energy could they transfer it to other daemons using the same method used to get to it in the first place?
Starting to see Agramons claim, Tal is gonna be in for some shit when Agramon notices his transgressions with Beleth, he'll probably think it was a form of revenge for treating him the way he did in Zaebos' class.
Speaking of which, are the professors going to have more weight within the story, because I am up for that, I still want to know who those slave people were that were mentioned like ages ago, and how do they get in that situation? Just trading? I like the daemons comments about Taliesins personality, like it isn't just about being a better looking human there is a selection process in a way, also, was Beleth going to kiss Taliesin?! I mean I'm not sure how this is supposed to work but from the tone of the interactions Taliesin has with the daemons around him I thought they were totally uninterested in the kissing part unless they were soul sucking? Maybe it's fine and I'm just reading into the tone a bit too much, but it feels like kissing a human without the energy incentive would bring down your status...maybe that's just how I'm looking at it though.
Anyway, great chapter, I also appreciate the gift you left for Cupcak3 (I think we all did , so thanks!) and you are very welcome to my long reviews!
AnriAri chapter 5 . 9/25/2017
I really wonder if we will get a early suprise gift in the form of new chapter...

If this story ever gets published...and available in my country...i will be the first one to buy it...
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