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Wouldn't-Hurt-A-Mouse chapter 16 . 7/8/2017
Yesssssss! It's here! Of all times for the router to break! I sort of don't trust Setek, but then again I don't really trust anyone in this story, definitely looking forward to when some other ships raise their sails, also looking forward to some progression in Taliesins Magic! And yeah, I also would definitely take Ramelech over Demoymon. ANY DAY. Slightly concerned over Taliesins dubious plan probably involving a Jinn, let's not get in there way yeah? That's just crazy talk Tal...
Guest chapter 1 . 6/22/2017
This is my first time to read such an interesting story...rlly loved the plot and the characters especially the m.c...keep up your good works
Guest chapter 16 . 6/21/2017
I wonder if one of the demons after Taliesin threatened Celena? Or maybe a higher demon wants Celena? Or maybe it's something to do with Haider, I'm pretty sure Seteks either very very interested (ahem) in Taliesin, or is one of the most untrustworthy people in the story so far. One of the two, could go either way... I cannot wait for Demoymon to corner Taliesin, also, how freaking lucky is Tali-boy!? Luhevi or not, someone's looking out for him! I'm also interested in the principal, I've been spending a long time trying to work out if it's someone that's already been introduced or if it's even relevant to the plot at all, bit I still want to know. Also, yeah I'd definitely take Agramon or Ramelech over Demoymon, that guy is going to rip Taliesin apart when he gets the chance. I'm kind of wondering where Beleth disappeared to, as well, but I can wait! As usual, a great chapter and a bit more at ion as well, and I don't really mind these chapters where the plot isn't moving too fast, I like getting to know the scene a lot more in depth and characters that I like (mainly Ramelech and Taliesin at the moment, and maybe Beleth) are getting introduced in a gradual manner that I can keep up with without having to keep too much of an eye on every little detail, which I usually have to do when characters are introduced in the middle of a plot turnaround. Uh oh, long review, sorry! Keep up the good work!
Ryuu chapter 16 . 6/21/2017
Thank you once again for updating...want more action between agramon and mc?...hmm actions between everyone and our mc?...xd anything will do...can't wait for the next chp.
Guest chapter 16 . 6/21/2017
I liked the battle scene! I would personally like to see more magic and more action and romance! So all of the above? I also would like to see a narrowing onto the main characters. Right now this story seems VERY broad and meandering. I know you're setting it up but let's get plotty! Thanks for writing and dedicating your time to what's turning out to be a great, interesting read!
Wouldn't-Hurt-A-Mouse chapter 15 . 6/11/2017
Ahem, and where exactly is the stunning new chapter? You have to understand at this point that I need a new chapter to live, without them I wilt and die. You don't want me to wilt and die, do you?
Guest chapter 15 . 5/25/2017
I like the switch between tones of chapters. I always want something exciting and demon involved to be happening but it would make it less exciting if it always happened, so I'm glad you deprive us of that a little bit because it makes the Next time so much better too, I also like the sort of irony between demons calling the humans stupid, like its obvious that they can process quicker and write and read quicker, but that just makes them better in one area of intelligence, factual and within there own society, but it really made me laugh when Ramelech was surprised that Taliesin pitied him, it is a bit like Taliesin than generally a human thing, but he seemed so perplexed by it. I think the understanding and replication of emotions not just for yourself but for others is another area of strength and intelligence that demons simply wouldn't be able to understand. The demons you portray are almost solitary creatures who look after only themselves, but this is only because they can afford to do that. Being part of a group is ingrained into human nature and instincts as part of a survival mechanism, we wouldn't have lived past the Ice Age if we hadn't developed this emotive intelligence, that makes the humans more intelligent in that, respect, just not the most obvious way or the way most useful to demons, they don't need to group together. I am really pleased you got your computer fixed and can't wait for another chapter! Also sorry for waffling on I get carried away sometimes
Guest chapter 15 . 5/17/2017
Yeeeeees! :D
AnriAri chapter 15 . 5/6/2017
finally new chapter...:D...on to reading now...
Anonymous chapter 14 . 3/26/2017
I very much enjoy your idea of demons, and in this chapter in particular I like your idea of what magic really is and does, Oden saying that he was happiest the year before he was inducted into magic is extremely telling for the kind of tone you have set for the story. I feel like some people in the universe you have constructed are simply not made for the magic world, like Oden and possibly Dinesh, who I imagine may end up on he same path as the ghoul, I also don't trust Celena. At all. There is something about him that really puts me off, I just don't think Taliesin should be near him, also I feel like one of the main characters are going to get claimed by a higher class demon, based on Ramelech mentioning Satyrs in the previous chapter, and if that person happens to be Celena then, good luck Taliesin, because there is no way you are going up against that.
I feel like I don't want Taliesin to change his attitudes or characteristics, I know it would be safer for him to tone down his natural friendliness and courage, but I also feel like making a reputation for himself is also safer in the long run, like although he may be targeted by Shedim a bit more for their euphoric kiss thing in the short term, having a lot of deals and making a trustworthy reputation might get him places. I also wonder if those human slaves you mentioned a few chapters ago belong to any of the teaching demons. I am also extremely curious about the headmaster. For a moment I thought it was the blue ghoul- Braxus, he seems like a prominent figure, but I don't know enough about him or how ghouls work to make a definitive decision on whether or not he could seriously be the headmaster. I feel like we will eventually meet the, though. And Taliesins family, he lives with his Aunt who taught him magic but where are his parents, did they ship him to his aunt to be taught magic or because of his natural affinity to fire which forced them to send him there, or are they just not there? He doesn't even think of them at all, which concerns me that he may not know who they are, or perhaps doesn't want to think about them, despite feeling like I know a lot about the character if you look a bit deeper, I know almost nothing at all about him-I'm just as much a spectator as Rohan. This to me is a very impressive and dynamic way of writing as many authors on this sight try to blurt as much information as possible in as few paragraphs as they can as they want to tell the readers about their characters, which makes restraint in that area much more alluring to readers- we don't even know his hair colour or real name! I hope you continue this soon and that it continues in the same fantastic style as it has the from the beginning.
Guest chapter 13 . 3/18/2017
I Just reread the chapter and thought of more questions aaaahhh!
When Ramelech talked about being able to taste the soul, and see it, do they look different somehow? Are some more desirable than others and is it a universal taste better or a sort of preference thing, like would Taliesin be more of a treat than others?
Also I get the feeling that this was part of Beleth's end game...
Guest chapter 13 . 3/18/2017
I'm a tad concerned about this energy vampirism business, I love Ramalech as a character and would give anything to see him and Taliesin react more, but I feel as though if the euphoric kiss thing is such a high point for shedim, than they might be able to become addicted if feeding regularly, i don't know how this particular element of the of the story effects the overall plot but I kind of want to find out a bit more about this sort of energy thievery, like why do only certain demons need certain things, is it that being a certain kind of demon means they lack something? Also if a demon is able to become addicted from prolonged exposure, I'm guessing that would be bad for taliesin, because even if they can't force it out of him, they might get frustrated enough to hurt him...
bcbc chapter 14 . 3/4/2017
Just read all of this in one night! Hope you update soon :)
Cheddar-Graham chapter 11 . 2/9/2017
Whoa, I wasn't expecting heroics from Taliesin (there, that deserves a proper name and incidentally Demoymon reminds me of Pokemons, not a good association for me) so he gets a bonus score from me! I thought he wasn't really a hero type, more a self-centred guy watching out only for his own interests.

The minor characters (well they're minor for now anyway) are being introduced thick and fast, which is going to grow into a problem for me if it goes on cause I find stories with many many characters who don't do much rather tiresome to keep up with.

Typo: princiPAL not principle
Cheddar-Graham chapter 10 . 2/9/2017
*Holds a finger in the air* Sssss... No holds barred. Whew!

Hmm, I got it wrong... cause I guessed Talie would get eaten by a demon first before he got to do Cele. Oh well, looks like it's full steam ahead for SS TalieCel and the other ships better get their sails up if they wanna be in the race.

My fav character right now is Agramon. Maybe cause I have a thing about sexy room mates, haha. Watch out, Tallie! Maybe Agramon is gonna do bad things to you in your sleep. Particularly if you keep having wet dreams.
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