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Lady SeeGard chapter 17 . 9/27/2015
Awww, departures are so sad.
I'm taking this as an happy ending anyway - I hope I'm not wrong :) Good job!
Lady SeeGard chapter 15 . 9/27/2015
This was pretty romantic. I wish I could do something like this, too bad I'm always too cold to go nightswimming XD
Lady SeeGard chapter 9 . 9/13/2015
So cute of them having breakfast together :) New lovers always have something dreamy about them, no matter how old they are.
Lady SeeGard chapter 6 . 9/7/2015
'Does this mean we have a discount on the rent?' LOL
Surely they are a talkative family, can see why he prefers to retreat in her cottage ;)
Lady SeeGard chapter 4 . 9/7/2015
I'm loving the dialogues here!
I am not sure a woman could turn to a man just for baseball-memories sake.. but.. who knows. There are more than 10 chs left so I'm expecting something tricky to turn out ;)
Lady SeeGard chapter 1 . 8/26/2015
What a crowd! I love the idea of big families, maybe because my own really isn't. I'll keep reading :)
Savannah Singleton chapter 17 . 8/14/2015

Good story. I enjoyed it.
Savannah Singleton chapter 16 . 8/14/2015
Savannah Singleton chapter 13 . 8/12/2015
"We're an acquired taste" - love it!

Field of Dreams - fantastic movie. Love it. Always makes me cry.

I love how she's dealing with thoughts of the future, a possible future with him. Good job with that.

Loved also her chat with Gabby. Girl talk. Nothing better. :)
Savannah Singleton chapter 7 . 8/12/2015
Lots of good baseball trivia in this story.

Go Rangers!
Savannah Singleton chapter 6 . 8/12/2015
I'm surprised she was comfortable to keep holding hands when they approached the family after the walk, but nice she is fitting in with them.

Funny - we slept together last night, now tell me, who are you?
Savannah Singleton chapter 5 . 8/12/2015
Cats at play. Cute.
Savannah Singleton chapter 2 . 8/12/2015
She moves fast. :)
DianyRdz chapter 16 . 8/11/2015
Ch. 10 - raining just like it is at my place! Ugh rain! Anyway, back to the story. Sure, let's skip the monopoly and just have sex all morning! Love the naturality (if that's even a word) and the easygoingness that these two have! Quite jelly over it actually! ;) then her response without skipping a beat in regard to what they were doing, I literally burst out laughing which is no good! She knows the family now, I mean for her to know that Crosby would have hated it if she let him win way more than he would have hated to lose and actually heed attention to that. That's deep, not just anyone does that! Near the end the though, I hate saying! "It is what it is!" NO! He is more than what he realizes and gives himself credit for! That saying just blows my mind, it just makes me feel so helpless and unhopeful! Like no, open your eyes and realize a lot that not everything is as it seems. Not everything is irreparable, something/anything can be done to change the way things are! They did go to bed together which is something that I did like.
Ch. 11 - hahahahaha, his version of cinnamon buns! Hahaha, like I said in the previous chapter, they still have that playfulness that most people at that age have lost! They still have it even though there been divorced and have moved on with their lives, they now have found someone that they can share that with and have spontaneity and just be themselves! No matter what anyone says, this is good for them (for anyone at any age {given the right circumstances})
Ch. 12 - this chapter was kind of somber for Kate and I was like :/ "poor Kate!" That fear I mentioned in the first few reviews is back and ohh gosh! With the song and then her having doubts as to whether Jayson would actually switch jobs that easily just to be with her! Like I said in the other chapter why do these guys think so little of themselves. Like yes say they know their worth and all yet when it comes to this, they both have doubts as to whether they are actually worth someone doing a grand gesture for them! Like hell yes she is worth him moving and switching jobs to be with her. She got a dose of what being with his family would entail and now she's not wanting to think about not being without it.
Ch. 13 - the one to one with Gabby helped Kate I think. I mean up to now she thinks that it's all one sided when really she does not see how Jayson really looks at her. Or maybe she does, she just chooses not to bc she doesn't want get her hopes up in case she is reading too much into it and Jayson doesn't stay. I mean come one, it's pretty obvious he is just as smitten as she is. Aww! He missed waking up to her and it hasn't even been that long. Normally a lot would be like creeped out of it but i think it's rather cute of him. Even if he is now stuck with his brothers. Gabby is right, she shouldn't let him go!
Ch. 14 - yay for admitting their feelings for each other! And major Yay for Jayson telling Kate not to doubt them and what they have! Like he said, just because the vacation ends doesn't mean they are ending too! She is part of him now, of his family and unlike her, he is convinced of his feelings for her and what he wants which is her!
Ch. 15 - this chapter is what I mean about the spontaneous and the vibrancy of this relationship (or whatever you want to use to refer to them). The youthness these two carry is like what people my age would do and I love seeing it in people, even if it was something like a "myth of the Great Spirit of the Lake".
Ch. 16 - They said I love you!
Ch. 17 - the end. Love how even though she was the landlord she stayed and helped everyone clean up and restore the house to how it was before. And he stayed with her afterwards, ahh love it how he asks if she can put in a word with the local insurance ppls and stays with her!(:
Yay for this story! I thought it would be about Jayson and for the most part it was but it was also about Kate and how she was afraid of falling in love. How she was afraid of things being the Windy Williams way when that's the way they were supposed to be! Definitely loved this story and all of its characters!
DianyRdz chapter 17 . 8/11/2015
One of your more detailed written stories. Definitely a winner!
Ch. 1 - love the beginning, totally unexpected by both Jayson and Kate. Love how he had a genuine interest in baseball and she had a genuine interest in him because of his knowledge in it (not that that was the only thing she showed interest up to now). I think she really did like him from the beginning (just like he did) but she stuck to her ways of keeping away from renters due to fear. Love how you described the family at the beginning. They sound like quite the handful but those are always the best to be around!
Ch. 2 - she shares a piece of her family background through scrapbooks and pictures and memorabilia while he has his whole family whom he can share with her. Their interaction is like really genuine and there is no hidden agenda between them. You can tell from right now that any fear she may have from getting to close to a renter and then getting burned from it, is not necessary because they are both equally smitten.
Ch. 3 - the applause from the game after they are done is the perfect comedy relief here! (If you hadn't intended it, sorry I took it that way). Everyone is beautiful at any age, especially when making love like they did. Love how two perfect strangers are able to do that to each other, give each other that happiness and that contentness and satisfaction (not only physically and sexually but more than that. Something they both needed).
Ch. 4 - aww! He has that drunk off love type feeling. At this point it could be just attraction but being that I've read the whole story and from the way theses two interacted, it is perceived that there is much more going on that what Kate and Jayson believe. So cute that she asked him to sneak out the back way. As if they were teenagers afraid of getting caught! Love how he is like on cloud nine and even with his family being their normal selves and the bickering back and forth, he is not easily swayed from it! That's rare, good for him to have found this and have met Kate!
Ch. 5 - call it fate, call it destiny, call it cliche, call it whatever you want, these two had Lady Luck on their side (I mean what are the odds of him wishing for help and her appearing from her morning walk at the same time). I think it's cute how each one thinks the other is going to regret what happened between the two. In a way it's cute but then again kind of sad like really? We think so little of ourselves that we think after we've had sex that's it? I mean in a world we live in now, it's common but these two have much more going on than they realize. People (not just fictional) need to have a little bit more faith in themselves and know hat they are special, abit broken and hurt but isn't everyone at some point? They have more than they realize going on for them!
Ch. 6 - here i think is when they decided to take a leap of faith. For starters they walk out together and face his family well aware of what they might say. Took guys but glad they went with it. And the talking about each other's families in detail and getting to know more about each other... That's quite a feat, not many people talk so easily about their family, much less to someone they just met a day or so ago. They're comfortable around each other, they actually listen to what the other has to say about their own past and families and again, that is a feat to accomplish with someone so new. And the thing is, they are being themselves! They are not pretending or lying or in any way being someone they are not! They are truly being 100% with each other like damn!
Ch. 7 - now this chapter I loved! She brought out things she doesn't normally let renters use, willingly! Like without being asked! But really? Quite brilliant at how she told Crosby to go eff himself after his response for using the word a lot. Honestly, it's a way of expressing oneself, a lot of different ways it can be used properly in a conversation. (Yes yes, arguments can be made about the whole "not proper" thing but they are within family! Kate has unofficially become they're family so in my POV, it's fine!)
Ch. 8 - short and sweet and love the baseball innuendos! Definitely brings out the playfulness in these two even if they are older, they still have it in them! They don't know how to explain what they've got going on yet they know it feels right!
Ch. 9 - a day away from the craziness! The way they just click is like crazy! They can relate and they can pick up where the other left off to continue on the conversations! Like wow, that's (cliche) #goals. No but seriously, this is something that I'm pretty sure neither realizes. Yes, they probably realize that they've got something here but it's too soon to know! Like No! Something like this, being able to step back and spend the day away, be able to be comfortable with each other out like that while she shows him around (and him truly appreciating everything he is shown) is like big! What is even more big is how they're going to go back to the "craziness" as they said and fall back in step with everything.
End of part 1
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