Reviews for Kissing Winter
Guest chapter 3 . 2/22/2016
Intriguing. Keep writing _
Cheddar-Graham chapter 3 . 10/19/2015
The first bit on the general party goings-on kind of slipped past me, but it wasn’t your fault, it’s just me who is so not a party-goer, or at least the kind of party that Ren is at. But hey, I got to enjoy Harry’s do vicariously, so that’s all peachy. So anyway, the remark on who eats lettuce at a party cracked me up, and the fact that Winter is cleaning out the fridge rather than drinking/drugging himself senseless like everyone else. I think the description of Winter eating fit right in though, cause it goes with his ‘hungry’ image. Ren and Winter both remind me of L in Death Note for some reason. Pacing-wise, things are pretty slow, but there’s a particular effect of doing that – the writing feels much more atmospheric and broody, which fits the horror genre, I guess. As for who should be thrown in the fire, eh, I’d say Scott cause he doesn’t seem to have a function. Typo: I’ll GIVE you sleep / I'll HAVE given you sleep.
Yannick chapter 2 . 10/19/2015
What the flying duck.
What do you expect me to say huh.

Lull me into a false sense of security, make it seem like it was going to turn out fluffy and dandy and then bring out the supernatural and horror?! You can't do that to me! I'll have a heart attack and love every minute of it ;-;

Goddess damn I love Winter already. It seems a lot different from your other stories - the tone is... slightly more mature.
So many quotable lines. Time to read the next ch!
UnderTheGrave chapter 2 . 10/17/2015
Already in love with Winter, and am I even supposed to be? o.o''

Ahaha... sorry, I might just end up reviewing every chapter... I'm kind of hooked at this point.
UnderTheGrave chapter 1 . 10/17/2015
I'd be happy to supply you with glorious, unicorn-in-tutu grade feedback! x3

First off, what a great first chapter. Already, you've set the mood well and gotten me hooked on the characters. Your descriptions are perfect. I had a little laugh at the "hoard of minions" part, because I must not be the only one who is tired of seeing so much flippin' Minion merchandise... lol

Next off, I totally feel you with changing POV's. I typically write in third person, so my recent first-person story has been a pretty new experience as well. Kudos, though, because I did not spot any mistakes or grammatical issues here. Maybe I was just to enthralled to catch any!
Bbjam chapter 2 . 9/30/2015
Can't wait til the next update :D
Yannick chapter 1 . 9/18/2015
Goddess damn you write so beautifully.
You make me feel inadequate as a human being and at the same time like a fucking gorgeous butterfly escaping its cocoon (which really just means I'm gonna die quicker). Me and my butterflies.

I demand you to update this more frequently than any other thing you do in your life - including going to the bathroom.

"Feel the kind of happiness he usually reserved for an empty sea and a freshly waxed surfboard." Really? Really? GTFO. That line makes my cold heart cry.
Cheddar-Graham chapter 2 . 9/16/2015
Oh the poor darling. I want to cuddle him better – Ren, that is, not Winter cause I don’t wanna be eaten yet. Gurrrllll, you were definitely heavy on the emo here. It was still within my limits – I didn’t bawl or anything, but just a bit more and I would’ve, or I’d have gone ‘stop with the soppy already, you’re a MAN’ depending on the time of month. :P But anyway, pacing was good! We got through the emo-ing, had a spot of wish-fulfilment in the woods and voila! The promised appearance of the bloody guy in the bed, yay, you delivered! Ren’s still a bit on the ambiguous side orientation wise, isn’t he, getting turned on by the girl in the dream? Or was it the guy rubbing against him that did that? Hmmm… I like Winter, actually, despite what you said about him being a needy little whiner. He’s direct about his needs. And he called the cat a fur-person. I’m sold. For now….
Fryvi chapter 2 . 9/14/2015
Cupcakes or penis, ahaha! He seems like an interesting guy though
Sheet chapter 2 . 9/13/2015
I can't wait till the next chapter I'm really curious as to what's going to happen :)
Collins-A chapter 1 . 9/8/2015
Yes, hello, I freaking love this already. Why does everything (that I've read so far) you write sound so violently wistful, I absolutely love it. I'm probably not even describing it properly, but words aren't coming to me today. Anyways, I'll be favouriting and alerting this story of course. I look forward to the next update!
Cheddar-Graham chapter 1 . 9/6/2015
Oh you're back, you're back, you're back! *Does a happy dance in a tutu with a unicorn*

I was transported immediately to Butlins and Brighton rock and all the rest of the seaside fair experience. Whew... I'd say you're throwing a curveball to start with, what with the I love you's for mummy to be and public PDA. Hmm, so Ren is straight as a ruler and harbours unrequited love for his best friend, huh? But you promised slash and I SHALL HOLD YOU TO IT!

Whoa... stabbing! Right in the first chapter. And right after the lovely tender goodbye scene too.. You don't pull your punches, that's for sure. Then you give us the mysterious last words and I am so sold. Hooked even. I love how you've set up the story and whatever you say about third person, I hear Ren's voice loud and clear. Also excited at the suggestions of the supernatural etc. In fact, there's a very anime/manga feel about this piece for some reason.

Where is that next chapter? I want it. Now. I demand it. I NEEEEEEEED it *falls off the chair frothing at the mouth*
SenatorBlitz chapter 1 . 8/29/2015
is it too desperate to review now? i was going to be cool and wait a day, but i couldn't. i love this summary. can we please have demon boys inside the bed now? now? ugh, okay proper review.

this is going to be a lil short since i'm fried from my shelf exam (which i hopefully passed but lets not discuss that).

so in a rare twist of fate, i actually like all the characters i've been introduced to so far in this. i usually have a main character bias a mile wide because im a jealous mofo but i love your main - he's so awk and lovely and i can see why he would have been so attached to his best friend. broke my heart when he realised she had to go. i also really like the hoops guy. slam dunk i believe? very suave. very easy to visualise. i was aflutter.

totally admire the way that you can pull us into a story that is so unbelievable so quickly. i mean, i am genuinely curious to find out what is going on. it reminds me of those small town murder mystery books i used to read as a kid but you know a million times better. cant wait to see what green girl stabbed him and if tusc is really going to go to london and, of course, when ren is going to get laid.


next chapter now, please? no srsly...