Reviews for Soft curls shining in ocean water
SeySey chapter 1 . 10/28/2015
What a perfect ending! I was so confused until the end there, although I suspected she was talking about him from the part where she mentioned her own friend who has an accident. It was smart to make her a nurse, so that she would have an acutal reason for visiting :D But how did she find his ring? That was kind of sneaky, going through his stuff. No, wait, she would have had to do that anyways! I see what you did there :) CRAZY good job!
MyNameIs chapter 1 . 10/6/2015
Soooo good! This story almost made me cry! pls write more!
Aske Nat chapter 1 . 9/23/2015
What a sweet little story. I enjoyed it quite a lot, so thank you for writing it.
Carmel March chapter 1 . 9/12/2015
This oneshot was such a sweet surprise! It had a lot of depth in just a couple thousand words. I liked reading from the POV of the guy who didn't remember - I can't imagine how frustrating that must be, especially for those who love him. This was amazingly well-written and I can't wait to read more from you!
EvelynGrey.Official chapter 1 . 9/11/2015
Awww, never expected this to be so sweet. It was a lovely story.
Your English is impeccable. You don't write like a second language, rather like a fluent. Great work here )
zanybellecloudo chapter 1 . 9/11/2015
That was a sweet story, I'm glad Luke remembered in the end. I liked October's patience which paid off. A humbling story of how love is unconditional.

A couple of typos to note:
"asshole I've become after she accident" - the accident
"had his hole life turned around," - whole life
Also check your speech marks as sometimes they are misplaced. But otherwise a good job.

Thanks for sharing, ZB.