Reviews for Survive
Ckh chapter 1 . 11/17/2015 a rather accurate depiction of life.
One can frolic in the fields of happiness for all he/she likes, and yet it all comes down as an illusion in sense, twisted into an eternal abyss of sorts. An individual can choose to carry on in the abyss, struggling to remain sane, and that would not necessary be the wrong choice. Whatever choices one is offered, one common factor is in place and that is "survival", with chances ranging from near nil to certain 100%.

One will survive in this world regardless of decisions and actions. All that matters is the will to survive, and if one has it, there would always be an open window.

I may have rambled a bit in this review, but hey aren't reviews supposed to be like that? Your piece captures the meaning of "survival" in its entirety and that is undoubtedly deserving to be reviewed upon.

Great Job on this short piece!