Reviews for Elemental Warriors: Volume Two
Kouki chapter 5 . 4/11/2016
(blah blah grammar)

Damn you, Ryuji! If your dumbness kills the body of my favorite character, I will murder you!

Man, how are they gonna get out of this one! I mean, good work on the chapter, but I might suffer from a heart attack should the suspense keep rising!

Anyway, you better save Naomi's mind and her body or I won't forgive you!
Kouki chapter 4 . 4/11/2016
So, blah blah omission of words, blah blah small mistakes blah blah blah..

Now, on to the important part. STOP BEING SO MYSTERIOUS! I don't wanna cry, and I know something bad's gonna happen because of all of Toru's crying!

Also, I like Naomi's character, it would be wrong to not have a character develop but I really like who she is now. I want her to accept who she is but I guess I don't want her lesson to be "be what they want cause your beliefs are inconveniencing.".

Society culture can be rough I guess. Well, we'll see more about her later in the upcoming chapters I hope!

All in all, good chapter! On to the next one!
Kouki chapter 3 . 4/11/2016
You mixed up your words a little; again, small things so it's not glaring just something to look out for.

This time it was mixing up words; "have" when you meant "had", "was" when you meant "were" and "I'd" when you meant "I'll" plus you mixed up your "It's" and "Its"

Loving the BDSM! You say you don't want Toru and Kana together but then you do things like know what you're doing so I'm not holding back on shipping them.

Kind of worried about the dark clouds and the visions, plus the bad guys are closing in and the team can't fight like they're supposed to if they stay like this! Too much suspense even if it is awesome!

Anyway, on to the next chapter, I got a need to read!
Kouki chapter 2 . 4/11/2016
All you could give us were some hints? We need an M-Rated version with more detail on that particular part of Toru's anatomy and we need it NOW!

Still a few grammatical mistakes, mainly just the omission of words. Example-

" "Eh?" Confused, Ophelia brought her hair in front of face. "
" "Eh?" Confused, Ophelia brought her hair in front of HER face. "

Just small stuff like that, easily rectified with a quick look over so not that serious.

Loving Kana in Toru's body and loving Ophelia ten times more than I always have. She is always a joy to see, best character, no wonder she's the cover girl!
Kouki chapter 1 . 4/11/2016
Small note, (because I can see it from here in the review box)

"That's good to here, Mamoru." should be "HEAR" not "HERE"
"Now let's get you back to your pack. I did said that they were worried." Should be "SAY" not "SAID"

Other than that and maybe one other thing, I really liked this chapter. I love Mamoru so much and I just can't wait to see his new powers in action! Great first chapter of the new season, I'm looking forward to seeing the rest!