Reviews for For C
M3rcy chapter 1 . 11/9/2015
The flow was good was really good. I found it a bit hard to grasp the first time, but after a second read through it came out really nice.

I thought the images were good. I liked the image of "Ghost" used to describe the events that happened in the past. Also, the description used for most of the poem was beautiful, really nice pictures put in my head.

-Word choice:
The word choice was really good. Though I wasn't sure what tongue was meant to symbolize?

-Enjoyment: I enjoyed the poem, it was nice and well put together. But it wouldn't be one I'd read again.

I was a bit airy on what the subject was meant to be. I think it was about two lovers having a disconnect, but I wasn't sure.

-Word Play:
I think the rhythm was really good. It was a bit hard to get the first time, but I got it the second read through. I thought the word play was interesting as it was a bit of a bumpy flow, with up down up down in the words coming after every second beat.

I felt the tone was a little sombre. But it felt wise as well.

Slightly jarring, but there was a definite rhythm.

-Punctuation and grammar:
I couldn't see any punctuation or grammar mistakes.

-Technical Aspects: I think the repetition of tongue and ghost were used effectively in the piece. I felt it sowed together well.

The stanzas were organised well. The rhyming technique used was also good, but also a bit complicated.

I feel this was a bit of a technical review, but I did enjoy the poem. So I fav from me.