Reviews for Invisible Romance
DianyRdz chapter 1 . 10/27/2015
Still just as good as always, reminded me of one of your other stories but this one with a different kind of twist. So now she knows what its like to be in Nestor’s place, having nobody notice you and becoming invisible. Once you become used to it, it’s easy to do, less hassle but just as lonely as always. Kind of mean of her to never speak to him even out of school during work but can’t really say anything because it would be unfair. We’re talking about high school kids, sure some are more “centered” than others and are more conscious of what they do but those who aren’t… Can’t really call them out on it because they are still being shaped and still experiencing things (like this) that make them the adults and give them life experiences. If Arieh (cool name btw) were an older mid-twenties woman then yes, it’s a bit _(censored word)_ of her but we are not. That’s the fun part of this story, we still keep the “innocence” of kids and the whole “fear” of the ‘what ifs’. I like this story because in some weird way (in the best of ways), roles were reversed; things out of the norm were experienced by opposite ends. Not something that happens often so for these two to be able to do this, pretty awesome. As bad as it sounds, taking Pity on Nestor and giving him a ride was the best decision that Arieh could have taken that night. Definitely liked how things turned out for both of these guys!(:
Savannah Singleton chapter 6 . 10/22/2015
Nudity UFO. LOL!

Cool idea for a story, for her to see what his world was like, not being noticed by others, being "invisable".

Nice, quick morning read.