Reviews for Full Circle
Alchemistam chapter 6 . 10/27/2015
Great story thank you for sharing. Your stories always leave me grounded and hopeful.
DianyRdz chapter 6 . 10/27/2015
Hmm, interesting story this one was. In a way he is the reason that she was able to be successful both at the beginning of her career and then later on at the beginning of her life after her career. Funny and ironic how life works like that and how one thing or person can and will have such effect on our lives without realizing so. I could almost see his face when he said disappointedly that she chose to fall into the bottle, such a sad time for her but in a way it was needed. As bad as it sounds (yes, it sounds really bad) some people need to fall hard and deep in order to open their eyes and realize just how much things have spiraled out of control. Thom was able to be her example in way, and in a sick and twisted turn of events, she ended up just like him. Good for Thom for making that conscious decision of setting a goal and striving towards it, a lesson many people (not just people recovering) need to heed. The faith he had in Elizabeth is good, almost in awe. He saw something in her when she was younger (and no, not talking about him wanting to kiss her when he was being interviewed) something deeper than that. Whatever he saw was enough to believe in her after all those years, after she fell and was at her lowest, he knew she would make a full circle and make a great recovery.